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Tips and Tricks On Plagiarism-Free Paper

Studying in a college or university never goes without writing a paper on any subject every once in a while. For some students, there is no easier task than this but for many dealing with any assignment which involves writing can turn into a whole nightmare for a number of things.

The fear of failure and getting a bad score, not understanding what is being asked, or difficulty in finding time because you’re working or studying for 2 degrees.

Tricks On Plagiarism-Free Paper

The worst thing is that there are a lot of criteria you should consider while working on your piece, and plagiarism is pretty much the most important one. Let’s see why it can influence your grade, what to do to prevent it, and what applications can help with this.

Why Plagiarism is a Big No-No in the Academic Community

One of the bases of any education community is striving for integrity via the learning process and using other’s work without abusing.

Plagiarism is considered to be a great issue for any college or university because it undermines the idea above. And the consequences of being caught with it can be pretty harsh. Below are just the most common.

  • You could be taking this course again. Yes, a professor has a right to give you an E for it and if you want to stay in the college, you have to do the course over and over again. And of course, you won’t take it for free. The worst thing is if your professor is a die-hard stubborn advocate of academic honesty. In this case, your chances to pass the course again are very, very low.
  • You could be expelled. Yes, failure to check for plagiarism can cause being expelled. And this is the problem – being thrown out of the university for plagiarism is a real deal, especially if you’re in your final year. And what for? For copy-pasting? Come on, you can’t let it happen to you.
  • Your career can be over in just a minute. If you are a scientific scholar and plagiarized in your thesis, you can be taken your title away for good. More so, you’ll be stripped of any credibility and accolades you might have earned over the years. The worst part? You’ll lose all the reputation within the circles, and it can lead to drastic changes in your life, none of which will be what you’d like.
  • It can take a long time to recover from being labeled. You see, the professors are the people just like us, they share their stories from classes and also talk about the students.
  • There is a big possibility that if your teacher told his/her colleagues about you as a person who dared to plagiarize, they’ll be suspicious about your paper in case you’ll take their courses later. And this is the fame that is far from being pleasant.

So isn’t it easier to avoid it and write a 0-plagiarism copy? Read further on how to do it.

1] How to Write a 0-Percentage Plagiarism Text

Although a number of famous people do plagiarise, as stated in this article, it doesn’t mean that plagiarism is legit, and we don’t have to avoid it. Checking if you’re good with authenticity is a lot of work, and to make it easier, we’ve come up with No and Yes to particular actions. And they are for free.

1] No to Deliberate Appropriation

The first rule of writing an original text is not copying anyone on purpose. Read a lot of works, make notes, paraphrase the idea in your own words, and add your original interpretation or analysis.

Yes, you can read a lot of your colleagues’ works and take a lot from their research, but you should never pretend it’s you who came up with this idea if it isn’t so.

2] No to Copying from Your Previous Texts

Some students think that if they copy-paste from their early works it’s not plagiarism. Sorry to disappoint you but this is auto plagiarism. Yes, even if you want to insert something you’ve written way before, you should make a reference to that or take a shortcut and paraphrase it in an original way.

3] Yes to Proper Quoting

All the works you can find online or elsewhere can be used in your assignment or midterm paper. The thing is that you do a proper citation of each according to the format you’re writing in. Even though you think you won’t need to check plagiarism after this, the next paragraph might change your mind.

4] Hell Yeah to Plagiarism Checker

Even though you might think there is nothing suspicious about your paper because you’ve written it all by yourself, think again. There are 2 types of plagiarism: deliberate and accidental. While deliberate is clear, the accidental is when you use the same wording as the author before you.

Here is where the rule of the same 4 consequent words comes into play. Are there any free ways to check it? Absolutely! One of the best options on the market is a free plagiarism check by PapersOwl. And this is why.

2] The Issues with Free Plagiarism Check

You might’ve come across the ad about the free plag-checkers online and, naturally, got confused about which one is the best to choose. Well, we hear you and prepared the checklist to tick if you want to find a decent one for free.

Free Plagiarism Check

  1. See if it has any user reviews. We mean, from real users like you. Sometimes it gets tough to distinguish a bad service from a good one. Fortunately, PapersOwl has a number of positive reviews from credible sources. The best part? They are from those who’ve tried it already.
  2. Stay alert on the company information. If there is just a field for pasting or downloading the text, we’d not recommend you to check for plagiarism free on this site at no cost. First, there is no guarantee of what texts it uses for comparing. Second, they could gather the information and sell it to the customers as a ready-made paper.
  3. Trust those that deal with academic writing. There is a solid reason to do it as it compares your text to alike ones across the web and their database. Chances are, your classmates are using it too, so in this way, you’ll eliminate the possibility of being accused of plagiarism.

Plagiarism is a big problem in the scientific community nowadays, and it calls to action everyone who wants to avoid its consequences. The safest path to take is always checking your text at the plagiarism checkers you can trust.

It will not only save your face but also protect you from a lot of problems in your career. And for God’s sake, why wouldn’t you use it if it’s free and easily accessible on the web?

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