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Tips to Avoid Falling Website Traffic

Sites don’t have the same variance in their web traffic action. When you notice any drop change in site traffic, you need to fix the problem immediately. However, that is something that a Digital Marketing Company in Pune should never undertake.

Once you notice such a decline in rush hour traffic isn’t due to any previously identified reasons, it is good to find out all the details.

Avoid Falling Website Traffic

You need not worry anymore. Here are some reasons that will help you boost your traffic.

Check Your Competitors

Sometimes you may be losing your ranking while your competitors are rising. You may not have lost much, but you need to find out the cause of the problem. There is a greater chance your competitors have new brands that offer them more ranging from your side.

When you have the solution in place, it is essential to concentrate on changing your content and ensure they relate to the keyword. You need to share your content via social media with the audience to become familiar with your brands. Employ the use of SoundCloud as your social marketing platform.

You only need to create an account and buy SoundCloud followers to view your posts. That will increase your page ranking when clients frequently visit your site.

Compare Traffic Channels

It is essential to determine what type of traffic is coming to your website. If it’s paid traffic, you need to check whether you recently stopped investing in an ad. That could explain the drop.

It will be good to compare branded traffic to unbranded traffic. That’s, because branded traffic is usually the website traffic from people visiting your website without being referred to by a link. Some audiences may search your company name directly from Google.

That will indicate they are already familiar with your company. If you notice a decrease in branded traffic, it could be due to a public relations issue. Perhaps fewer people are interested in connecting with your brand.

Problem With Site SEO

What contributes most to your web ranking is how your Search Engine Optimization gets the most visitors to your website. If you have poor SEO, then you will end up lowering your web traffic. For instance, if you recently stopped sharing your high-quality content via social media, dropping traffic depends on the source.

Suppose you need a long-term solution, then it’s essential to invest in material that Google can show in SERP. Additionally, resume your social marketing to get your audience engaged again.

Another SEO consideration is web speed. When a page takes too long to load, online users will quickly abandon it. Fortunately, there are numerous methods for speeding up your website and improving UX, which improves your conversion rates.

Check On User Behavior

Some factors beyond your control contribute to lower website traffic. Seasonal trends and social cycles are easy to overlook, but they impact website traffic as well. For instance, traffic is often considerable around the holidays, but it drops substantially in the summer.

What influences people is social trends to prefer one form of business over another. The most effective strategy to address this is to keep an eye on trends and developments.

You may use Google Trends and social media to understand what’s popular right now and how it can affect your business. To bring more traffic back to your site, make sure to customize your marketing techniques to these trends and developments.

Check For Penalties

If you notice a significant decline in website traffic, you’ve likely been hit with a Google manual penalty. You must check your Google Search Console for a notification explaining why they did so.

Even if you’ve never received an email or a message from Google Search Console, the penalty is most likely due to spamming practices or content. If you’re dealing with an SEO firm, you should ask them why they would use Google-penalized SEO practices and then find a new one right away.

To regain your lost traffic and erase the penalty, you’ll also need to address all your faults in content, backlinks, and social sharing.

Backlink Quality

All of the backlinks are thought to be inappropriate for your website. If a spammy site connects to your content, Google may suspect you paid for those connections and employ black-hat SEO techniques. It will be damaging to your website.

On the other hand, obtaining backlinks from trustworthy websites would benefit your website and help you gain Google’s confidence. As more Google trusts you earn, the higher your ranks will be, and the more traffic you will receive.

Pause Your Advertisements

Another cause for the reduction in traffic could be that paid search result traffic is eating into your organic traffic. While investing in paid promotion may diminish organic traffic, it should increase overall traffic.

Paid traffic can sometimes cause organic traffic to suffer. However, temporally pausing your bought adverts is the only method to see if purchased traffic affects your overall traffic. Check to see if your overall traffic levels will return to your expectation.

Other SERP Issues

Your most important piece of content may still rank well, and the term may have the same search volume, but no one is clicking.

That may be due to Google’s decision to present the response to the searcher’s question in a new box. These answer boxes are usually convenient, but they also mean that customers don’t have to visit your website to receive the information they need.

If you are the winner of that answer box, you can modify it. So as the text on which the answer box encourages visitors to visit your website for further information. Extend the answer to the point when it is too long to fit in the answer box.

In Conclusion

As we all know, a website is a company’s first face on the internet, and it essentially serves to represent you throughout the world. You’re losing relevant traffic if your website isn’t eye-catching, appealing, or functional. We hope your information will help you make some changes to your website.

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