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4 Tips to Position a Product On Amazon

Tips To Improve Your Ranking On Amazon

1] Work SEO On-Page at Amazon

It is the first step, without a doubt, to start positioning a product on Amazon. As in Google if we do not have the pages with good content it will be very complicated to achieve good results, the same thing will happen here with the products. It is essential to enter all possible information in each product.

Tips to Position a Product On Amazon

What is that information? Title (usually long and in detail), product description (exceeding 1,000 characters if possible and using bullets as a way of structuring information), product information (helps the product be found faster) and even Seller information.

All information is important as it will reward those who have the most complete and structured information possible.

2] Get good opinions and reviews

Probably the most valued topic by amazon is the valuations, opinions, and comments of the users since a well-valued product will be a product that will probably sell very well.

To give rise to such valuable opinions, the following has to be carried out.

  • First, offer a product that meets what is described in the texts and that adds value to the customer.
  • Second, always respond to users and as quickly as possible. Offering a good support service is the objective, in order to clarify all the doubts that users may have and also to know what their opinion is and what they thought of the product after buying and using it.
  • Finally, get the user to post the comment, either commenting in a personalized way, through a link or even offering a discount for the next purchase.

3] Choose the keywords well

Choosing the right keywords or keywords to work is vital to carry out a good SEO on Amazon. It is necessary to take into account in any case what the user is looking for, how the competition has it and under what terms you want the user to find the product.

4] Sell, sell and sell

As previously mentioned, Amazon does sell products. And what interests you is to have the best selling products on top, that is, those that have a better conversion rate. For this reason, those products that sell well will appear gradually above.

Sell, sell and sell

It should be remembered that Amazon gets commissions for those products sold, so it is the most interested in getting products that are capable of generating more profits to appear above and generate more commissions. To improve sales you can use some techniques such as discounts or other incentives.

How to position yourself on Amazon

Finally, to say that the best way to position yourself in Amazon is to make a good study of keywords with the proposed tools (or others), complete all the information at the product and manufacturer level, give an impeccable service and sell a product that meets what is explained and thus get more and better ratings and finally plan a good strategy to sell.

These will undoubtedly be good steps to start with SEO on Amazon.

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