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Top 4 Consulting Resume Tips

If you’ve set your eyes on a particular firm you want to work for, remember that submitting a resume isn’t as simple as giving out general information about where you’ve worked or studied. Here are tips on how to improve your consulting resume and have an advantage over the others.

Consulting Resume Tips from the Experts

1] State Your School Or GPA Instead? Choose Both.

Start by including the school you attended. Although adding your GPA is something most would not advise doing, impressing the firm you’re interested in should be the priority. A consulting resume should be polished and perfect.

Set aside modesty and let yourself be recognized because you worked hard for it. It may seem like you’re tooting your own horn a bit, but in reality, you should do it at maximum level. The resume is your only chance to show these people what you’ve got.

2] Give Specific Details About Your Achievements

Now that you’ve stated in your resume and case interview about your educational background, it’s now time to delve into your achievements. It’s not enough that you tell your interviewer about a debate or an inter-school competition you won.

Make sure to include the numbers. And by that, share how many teammates you had or how many teams you were up against at the time.

Give Specific Details About Your Achievements

If you also have any work-related achievements (for example, you handled different organizations or groups), always include how many individuals were present at that time as well. Try your best to remember exactly how many people you supervised, and how often you did so.

Remember, most case interview coaching techniques will always state that the competition you have in this field is harsh. Your competitors will most likely lay down everything up until the last award or recognition that they can remember.

3] Highlight Relevant Ideas

Most applicants tend to focus on putting in paragraphs to fully explain their achievements and awards, etc. without knowing that this can be a drag for most interviewers. Remember, this is a consulting resume, not the common ones you often see.

During your case interview, you have to show them that you can distinguish the crucial details from those that are not. A good suggestion would be highlighting relevant information by arranging them in bullet form. This way, it is easily read and understood.

4] Avoid Mistakes

You probably overlook some things on your resume and think that your interviewer won’t notice them. Wrong. A consulting resume should always be free of any mistakes. Here are common mistakes you should avoid (or fix).

  • Outdated information.
  • Using different font sizes or styles in an attempt to beautify your resume.
  • Too much personal information. Don’t include any social media profile.
  • Wrong contact information.
  • Dull resume templates.

Follow these tips to make your consulting resume stand out over the others, as well as ace the case interview.

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