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Top 5 Growing Technology Careers to Pursue In 2023

With 2023 just around the corner, it would be an understatement to say that the technology industry is continuing to grow at an unprecedented rate. The impact of COVID-19 only accelerated the growth of tech-related job roles, particularly as many disciplines within the tech industry are easy to work remotely.

With that in mind, here are five of the top-growing technology careers to consider if you are looking to break into the sector, change your career, or have just completed a tech-based qualification and want to know the best next step.

Growing Technology Careers to Pursue

Software Development

Software development is one of the fastest-growing disciplines within the technology industry and with rapid growth comes high salaries. According to CodeSubmit, software developer salaries can average at over $110,00 dollars in the United States, with particular demand for software development skills apparent in Canada, Australia, Russia, Sweden and New Zealand.

If you want to pursue a career in software engineering, you should make sure to develop some programming and problem-solving skills, preferably through an official qualification of some kind.


As the world becomes increasingly dependent on technology, networking and the internet, the demand for cybersecurity specialists continues to rise. Entry-level cyber security roles consistently top the salary expectation charts across the globe and specialising in this area provides significant job security, as it’s likely that the need for these services will consistently increase over the next decade.

Looking into a career here? Focus on attention to detail, computer forensics skills and general computer science knowledge. In this field, fundamental knowledge of how computers and networking work is essential.

App Development

Mobile phones continue to dominate our everyday lives and with so many people glued to their devices, there is plenty of opportunity to get a piece of the app development pie. From building a well-being tool to becoming a mobile game developer, roles within app development are only increasing in number and will continue to do so as long as we have handheld devices to organise our lives.

Interested in app development? Programming knowledge is essential, alongside an awareness of Agile and Scrum software development methodology which is used consistently throughout the tech industry.

Data Science

Data science is one of the most important yet poorly understood facets of the technology industry. Focusing on drawing conclusions and actionable insights from data, much of a data scientist’s job is about cleaning and translating data into an easy-to-understand format.

This can include identifying problems in how data is collected, managing and re-organising spreadsheets, and determining the correct variables to consider when drawing conclusions.

Data science relies heavily on spreadsheeting, graphing, and charting tools like Tableau. Becoming confident in using tools like Tableau, as well as any spreadsheeting software, can support you in securing a role – alongside general mathematical skills and the ability to problem solve and draw conclusions from your findings.

Artificial Intelligence Engineering

Last but definitely not least is artificial intelligence, one of the highest profile areas of the technology industry that is seeing a lot of focus both in the media and within business.

Many consider artificial intelligence to be the next industrial revolution, capable of completely changing the way we approach work and what is possible with technology. This is one of the major reasons why AI specialists are in demand.

A career in artificial intelligence requires strong mathematical abilities, programming competency and knowledge of neural networking architecture. It’s highly recommended to research, understand and experiment with neural networking prior to trying to find a role, as you will undoubtedly have to use these skills whilst at work.

Whether you’re just starting your career in technology or looking to change your specialism to something different, any of these job roles will leave you in good stead both financially and in terms of job security. Good luck taking the next step in your technology journey!

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