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How To Satisfy A Demanding Streamer? 5 Top Svod Platforms Every Streamer Loves

Not even a decade ago, Cable TV was dominant in the market. With the rapid advancement in internet and streaming devices, the shift from Cable TV to Video-on-demand services was a quantum leap. Also, with globalization in technology, time naturally demanded globalization of content as well.

Everyone wants to stream Foreign television from the comfort of their home, for which the Internet provides several tremendous platforms.

A huge number of streaming platforms popped up in the market including Amazon Prime, and the industry has only been growing over the years. However, this not only leads to increased competition but also confusion for the consumers.

Top Svod Platforms

Amazon has invested in top original content, Hollywood blockbusters, and old favourites like “The Office”. All it takes is a monthly direct debit to gain access to thousands of films and TV shows.

But with greater choice comes more indecision, particularly when it comes to the best Amazon Prime flicks which have been popping up on everyone’s mind for comedy, mystery, or an award-winning title.

To save you from this overwhelming situation, here’s a checklist of things you should refer to before settling down for a streaming platform.

How to satisfy a demanding Streamer?

Being a Video On Demand service adds an uneven advantage. This is exactly what people have been looking for, a personalized experience. Although there are a few points to be considered before selecting a particular service.

Quality Content

The first thing any user considers is the quality of the content available on the platform. The movies, shows, or documentaries a platform offers are the determining factor of how tempting it will be for a user to subscribe to it.

Along with the content, the video quality is again crucial. People stream on screens as small as mobile phones and as large as 60-inch displays, so ensuring the display quality is important.


People go for SVOD platforms to avoid advertisements and every platform has an ad-free subscription plan. However, those plans are a bit costly but the experience you get is worth it.


In the technologically advanced era, we belong to, having Geo-Restricted content is like giving a kid a plateful of sweets and asking him not to eat it. However, this issue could be tackled using a VPN but selecting the platform with lesser restrictions is always preferred.

Loading Speed

Having a whole lot of amazing content and not being able to stream, can be heartbreaking. The speed a platform offers again plays a major role in any streamer’s choice.

A long loading or buffering interval can straight away destroy the whole mood of streaming.

Good Interface

The next thing that bothers every user is a bad landing page/interface. Having a large number of videos to stream, without a good look and proper segregation will make things confusing. A good interface along with good content is a must.

Cost of Subscription

No matter how amazing content is or how many pixels the video consists of, if the cost of a subscription is too much to be justified, it is of no use. Affordability should always be considered.

Top Five Subscription Video on Demand (SVOD) Platforms


The most popular and most trending streaming platform these days is Netflix. Users love everything about it, the content quality, interface, and even subscription plans to an extent. Netflix has the biggest library of Original and critically acclaimed content.

Cost of Subscription: $8.99 per month.

Amazon Prime Video

Being one of the closest competitors of Netflix, Amazon Prime Video does consist of a good library and a beautiful interface to access. Along with original content, the platform also has linked music and shopping services.

Cost of Subscription: $8.99 per month.

Disney Plus

Disney Plus has an amazing collection of movies and shows. This is considered to be the best platform for kids and Sci-fi lovers. It is the fastest-growing service in terms of subscribers but it still needs to expand its library collections for it to become a must-have service.

Cost of Subscription: $7.99 per month.


HBO Max has a massive collection of shows and movies. Right from Friends, DC movies, and Marvel to Warner Bros, almost every Hollywood movie or show you would like to stream is likely available on HBO Max.

Cost of Subscription: $9.99 per month.


Hulu, along with an impressive library of classic shows and movies comes with an option of live TV. For obvious reasons, the Live TV feature comes with additional charges.

Cost of Subscription: $5.99 per month and $64.99 (Hulu+Live TV).

Some other amazing platforms are Peacock ($4.99 per month), Curiosity Stream ($2.99 per month), FuboTV, and many more.

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