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Top Things to Consider for WordPress Themes

WordPress offers you many benefits but the most essential among them is having high-quality themes. On the internet, there are many customs themes that you either get them as premium or free.

These themes, are some of the templates that you get for your site and will allow you to implement the function, design your posts and pages. However, it’s something user-made and there, therefore, no equal creation of these templates.

Selecting the perfect wordpress theme

So, if you are planning to start your WordPress blog, expect to face the choice of themes at Sonaar where you will be having numerous options.

For these and many other reasons, I have written this article to show you things you will consider before choosing a theme for your WordPress.

1] Updates of themes

Today, technology has helped in the improvement of most industries. However, WordPress themes have not been left behind, so everything needs to progress with your WordPress.

If there will be a new WordPress upgrade, then you should also be getting consistent updates also.

If you have a WordPress, having website errors and glitches will be the last thing you need. So, choose one updated recently and can also have consistent updates. So, you will know that it’s compatible with the latest version of WordPress.

2] Responsive design

For a responsive theme, you need a theme having an ability to change its layout basing on each person uses while accessing the internet.

So, the site needs to be looking different and therefore readable to both mobile devices and desktop. Most people are using their smartphones while accessing the Internet and not computers.

So that you can have the correct theme, check whether them with Google’s friendly test tool for mobile devices. It will be able to tell you whether the site is meeting the company’s standards.

3] Speed

Depending on the theme you choose, it should also be affecting its speed while browsing. It’s therefore essential to choose one that loads fast.

According to people, most of them will need a site loading within seconds. So, even a short time delay might cost you.

However, another group of people will be ready to abandon slow websites or WordPress.

4] Keeping it simple

If you are looking for web design, you will not aim to have something complex or cluttered. So, if someone will be looking for something, you can access it without getting confused.

The best site is one that isn’t sophisticated. Besides, the theme should also be looking nice and be also offering user-friendly and clean layout. However, the theme also needs to be intuitive before deciding the one you choose.

5] Search Engine Optimisation friendly

SEO, a term used to mean search engine optimization is a subject coming with conversations while developing WordPress blogging or web development.

So, depending on the theme you will choose for WordPress, it will always be having an effect on SEO that will also have an effect on how you succeed.

In case you will have a poor theme, it will hurt your SEO. So, you will end up with poor ranking and no need to have a site that works against you.

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