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Top Websites for Music Lovers – Where to Go for Your Musical Needs

Music is an important part of many people’s lives, and as a result there is an increasing need for good music websites which cater to the needs of such people. If you love music but don’t know where to go in order to enjoy your favorite songs, don’t worry.

Best Websites Every Music Lover Should Know

Best Websites for Music Lover

We’ve got you covered with a couple of useful tips on the matter, so make sure to keep reading to find out where all your favorite songs are hanging out and where you can get the best music.

1) YouTube

This might come as a shocker for some but you actually don’t have to go any further away than YouTube when it comes to finding good music. As you are aware, YouTube is a place where you can find all the newest and most popular songs, but also awesome tunes from up and coming artists as well. They are of course in a video format but many are just interested in the audio portion.


The best part is that you can even download music offline, using a youtube mp3 convertor. Services like allow you to easily turn YouTube videos into mp3s with one click. Just copy the video link on and hit the button to convert and download it in the form of an MP3.

2) Last.FM

This is another great song for music, and unlike YouTube, it is solely dedicated to music. On Last.Fm, users can keep track of all their past listening sessions as well as see what their friends are listening too as well. It’s a cool tool for those that want all songs played by them and their friends to be recorded in history.

You can see how many times you’ve listening to a particular song, or who are your top listened artists or albums.  More than that, you can even stream music and in some cases download it to your computer.

3) Soundcloud

Podcast lovers will surely know about Soundcloud, a platform built around pure audio. Here, you have no visual distractions whatsoever, and you can enjoy whatever the audio file you’re playing has to say.


Artists both small and huge post their work on Soundcloud in order to get acknowledged, and it’s very easy to listen to everything you’ve wanted to. It’s also a great platform for those that want to record and publish their own songs, and share them with the world.

4) Pandora

Pandora is a radio-type website where you can create custom radio stations based around different criteria. You can listen to music based on past searches, different artists or associated acts, and customize your radio stations so that you can listen only to things that you want to hear, unlike real radio stations where you occasionally have to put up with songs you don’t want to listen to.

Unfortunately, you can’t download music from Pandora, but as long as you have a WiFi connection, you’ll always have access to your stations. 🙂

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