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TunesGo Retro Review: Transfer Between iOS Devices Directly

Wondershare is a leading software developer which already serving its users in many useful ways. I’ve been using Wondershare software’s since last year, and till now I have experienced great! I have also reviewed much wondershare software’s and now I got your another “iOS Transfer Expert”.

Transfer Between iOS Devices With TunesGo Retro

TunesGo Retro

TunesGo Retro

If you heard about Wondershare TunesGo, then you need to see its dubbed version! It is well known as TunesGo Retro which is an amazing tool available for all Apple devices like iPhone, iPads, and iPods. It is also available for Windows platform devices and it let the users transfer data from PC to iDevices or in reverse. TunesGo Retro also helps in managing your devices easily and effortlessly.

If you are looking for some best tool to transfer music, photos, videos or any media files from your iPhone to iTunes library, then here TunesGo Retro will help to manage them easily & freely. Is that your iTunes library corrupted? Don’t know how to transfer the file from iPhone to PC? Don’t worry, you can fix it here! In this post, I will share my personal experiences with this awesome tool, TunesGo Retro by reviewing its latest features too!

TunesGo Retro is the best iOS Manager which let you transfer media files easily from PC to iPhone and in the reverse process. As I mentioned before, TunesGo Retro got some new upgrades with tons of new features. So here I have listed some of the best-handpicked features which will convince you to use it on your desk!

#1. TunesGo Retro is an ‘iOS Transfer Expert’.

By using this tool, you can easily transfer all your media files from your PC to iDevices easily with few clicks. If you are facing any trouble while transferring files before or lost any files, then try TunesGo Retro. You don’t need to afraid of loss of files, it can restore lost data too!

This tool helps the users to organize and manage all sorts of files simply and effectively. The most important feature of this tool is about transferring media files from iTunes without any restrictions. All you need is just to connect your device to share the complete file with another one.

One of my favorite features, it will fix and optimize songs or convert unsupported formats into compatible ones. And it also maintains cent percent original audio quality after transferring. Not only songs, you can even transfer the entire playlist easily at one time.

#2. GIF maker

GIF maker

GIF maker

Gosh! GIF Maker is a new feature added in TunesGo Retro to turn all your videos and photos intro GIF images. Then funniest thing, now you can easily create GIF images with few clicks. So here on wards, you don’t need to look to any creative GIF maker! Here TunesGo Retro will be the best GIF Maker for both Windows and Mac platform. Creating GIF image using this tool is very simple!

Just add any photos or videos from your device directly then select the order in which you want the photos to appear as sequences. Make sure you animate the speed and preview your work before clicking the Create button. Is that the simplest way, right?

#3. Transfer Between iOS Devices

Hereafter you don’t need to repeatedly sync your Apple devices with iTunes! If you want to share stuff to all your iDevices, then just sync your device one time using TunesGo Retro and feel the experiences. After then you can share files easily with just one click and to multi-transfer can also be done. There are no iTunes limitations for transferring your files and it is compatible with all iOS devices.

#4. Manage iPhone contacts and SMS

Manage iPhone contacts and SMS

Manage iPhone contacts and SMS

Using TunesGo Retro you can import or export all your contact from your iPhone to any device or to any cloud storages. It will merge duplicate contact from different accounts which has never been so simple as this. Managing text messages and exporting them to another Apple device can also be done easily.

Final Thoughts

TunesGo Retro is available for free as well premium version. For lifetime license, you have to pay around $39.95 which will be the best package when compared with others. It is worth buying TunesGo Retro! Do share your experiences with us in comments below! 🙂

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