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TweakBox – All Common Errors & Their Fixes (Working Methods)

Lately, TweakBox App has emerged as one of the best third-party iOS app installers to download tweaked/hacked apps and games on iPhone/iPad. However, like any other platform, there do exists some common issues faced by TweakBox users worldwide.

TweakBox App

 In this post, we will attempt to address some common errors pertaining to TweakBox and their solutions.

1] TweakBox – Not Installing Fix

A majority of the users face the issue “TweakBox couldn’t be installed this time.” This error comes up when your iOS device already has a prior version of TweakBox installed. This error can also come up if the data from previous installation still remains.

Please uninstall the existing version of TweakBox and clear unnecessary data from your device with the assistance of a system cleaner. Reboot your device and try installing TweakBox again.

2] TweakBox Stopped Working Fix

Users have reported an error exclaiming that ‘TweakBox has stopped working’ or ‘TweakBox is not working.’ Generally, when you haven’t verified the app, this error comes up. In order to resolve this error, please uninstall TweakBox from your iOS device.

Thereafter reinstall the application. Prior to launching the application, please navigate to Settings -> General -> Profiles and trust the profile of TweakBox.

3] TweakBox – Installation of Profile Failed

Usually, due to heavy server load, the profile installation failed error comes up. Common practice is to wait for some time and then try the installation again. However, there is a quick fix as well.

  • Toggle ON ‘Flight Mode.’
  • Go to Settings > Safari Browser.
  • In ‘Safari Browser’ tap on the option ‘Clear History and Data.’
  • Now, toggle OFF ‘Flight Mode’ and try installing TweakBox again.

4] TweakBox – Blank Screen / White Screen Error

If you are simply seeing a white screen when the application boots up you can fix the same in a few steps. Navigate to Settings and make your way to the settings of Safari Browser. Clear the website data and restart your device. Now, when you will launch TweakBox, you won’t have to face the blank screen issue.

5] TweakBox – Invalid Argument Supplied Error

This is a critical error that a majority of the TweakBox users face worldwide. However, in spite of the criticality of the error, the steps to fix the same are pretty simple. As a first, you require uninstalling TweakBox from your iOS device and thereafter install it once again.

After the reinstallation, reboot your iOS device. Please navigate to ‘Settings’ > TweakBox Settings and check out whether any updates for TweakBox have come up. There must be some pending updates. Perform the updates and you will no longer face the Invalid Argument Supplied Error.

Final Words – TweakBox Errors & Solutions

These were some of the common issues faced by the users of TweakBox and their fixes. If you happen to face any other issue that is not mentioned in this post, please let us know about the same in the comments section provided below. We will look into the same and provide a working solution to you on a priority basis.

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  • Hi! I’m having a problem deleting the “bookmarks” from tweak box. I uninstalled the app and removed the profile and now it shows up alongside my apps grayed out and showing as “tweakbox” bookmark. I’ve cleared browsing history as well. Please help. I can send screenshots too if needed. TIA