7 Types of Blog Posts to Diversify Your Content

A blog gives you the ability to share your findings, thoughts, advice, and creations with anyone on your website. Not only is it a place to express your unique brand, 81% of consumers in the US trust the advice they read on blogs. Which means your blog is a vital force in your content marketing strategy.

Different Types Of Blog Posts That Are Easy To Market 

Types of Blog Posts

These 7 types of blog posts will help you keep your posts diverse and engaging.

1) ‘How-To’ Blogs

How to Blogs

This is the preferred favorite of bloggers across the world. This blog post outlines how to attain a desired goal or action. If you’re in the B2C market, this can be as simple as explaining step-by-step how to use your product. If you’re in the B2B market, this could describe an implementation or strategy.

What do you know how to do better than the rest? You’ve got your post!

2) Niche List Blogs

The list blog is a great way to attract targeted viewers. These posts are very specific and often play into the direct interests of the market.

A great example of list posts at their best is BuzzFeed. Take a look:

Niche List Blogs

BuzzFeed has built their entire content marketing strategy around this type of blogging.

And for good reason: People love lists.

3) The Review Blog

The Review Blogs

Review blogs help people understand products in a more personalized manner. They can be from a digital influencers review of products and sharing their personal thoughts on their quality. They can also be highlight pages for a product that end with CTAs to product landing pages.

Either way, the post should help customers get a more personal feel for a product or service, so they have a better understand of the product.

4) Long Form Blogs

Did you know that the posts that receive the most shares are between 3000-10,000 words?

With that being said, having amazing long form blogs could yield tons of share potential. This share potential means traffic on your website, and with all of those words in your post, they will be spending some good time there.

5) Data-Driven Blogs

Data-driven blogs are a great way to share massive amounts of statistics. These normally are found in studies and content talks about analysis.

You’ve seen them before:

  • What We Found After Testing 1,000 Blogs.
  • 7 Proven Ways to Increase Your Blog Traffic.

Data Driven Blogs

They have quantifiable numbers in the title, and allude to what is going to found inside without give anything away. These blogs are great opportunities to pack tons of graphics and build tons of links as you reference information throughout your post.

6) Personal Success Story Posts

Let’s face it, there are tons of places you can go to get this information.

So, what brings you here? Personal choice.

Maybe you like the voice, or maybe you like the way the blog looks, but no matter the reason, you are here.

Telling your personal story is a great way to connect with your readers. Letting them hear your tales of failures and success helps them learn and brings them closer to your brand. They offer a bit more than a normal blog post because lessons come best in story form, and life events aren’t something that can be copied.

Personal stories help you relate to your customers.

7) Info-Graphics and Video Posts

Visual posts are pleasing because they give a different medium to interact with. Text blogs are amazing for connecting with your customers, but info-graphics and videos can reach just as many people without demanding so much of their time.

  • Infographics and videos let your creativity really shine, especially if you can’t write. They give you the ability to make visually stunning and informative works of art.
  • Videos are an amazing platform for writers and non-writers alike. They allow you to explain your products, your message, and your brand easily.


Your blog should have a wide variety posts. This will help attract a broader audience to your content by allowing even more mediums for them to locate it with.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match these ideas too. Maybe you made a video, but you didn’t get to explain everything you needed. Add a personal story to it, and attract people with two amazing bits of content!

Covering a wide variety of topics through a collection of mediums will help you blog stand out from the crowd.

Do you have a special go-to post style for content you want to perform well? Share your tips, tricks, and your industry with us in the comments! 🙂

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