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Walmart Catering Menu Prices 2023 – Party Trays & Platters

Walmart is an American retail firm that operates a chain of grocery shops, department stores, and other store types both domestically and abroad. Walmart is the biggest firm in the world in terms of revenue. Walmart Catering’s key selling point is its broad selection of inexpensive items.

The business was founded in 1962, and since then it has grown tremendously, with 262 chains spread around the country. Additionally, Walmart has opened several locations around the world.

What are the most famous Walmart catering items?

In actuality, sandwiches are what Walmart is most well-known for. When compared to the cost of sub sandwiches given by caterers on other platforms, Walmart’s prices are extremely affordable.

The Walmart menu lists the costs for each type of sub sandwich. The costs of the goods are listed on the large menu that includes a huge selection of catering offerings.

Additionally, Walmart consistently offers discounts to its clients on various occasions, which causes Walmart’s catering pricing to fluctuate.

Walmart offers a variety of tray choices. A deli tray is the most often used and cost-effective type of tray. Customers are drawn to Walmart catering by the affordable costs of their deli trays.

Which are the famous Walmart catering items?

Walmart Party Platters

Walmart Catering Cheese Trays

Walmart Sandwich Trays

Walmart Subs Trays

Walmart Fruit Trays

Walmart Trio/Sliders Trays

Catering Prices 2023 of Walmart

The catering costs for each food item are listed on the Walmart catering menu. In comparison to other market competitors, these prices are a little lower.

Customers now have the option to order catering supplies from Walmart. Customers have the ability to purchase catering supplies at discounted rates while making bulk purchases from some caterers at Walmart.

Menu Prices of Walmart Catering Party Trays

Menu for Party Trays includes,

Walmart offers a selection of party snack platters, including ones for youngsters that include cheese sticks and corn dogs as well as smoked turkey, cheese, crackers, olives, and salted walnuts.

Additionally, there are vegetable trays with up to six vegetables and slider trays with a mix of cheese and meat.

The chicken trio trays offer wings or tenders with ranch dressing, while the party wings tray also includes celery, carrots, and dipping sauces along with wings flavored with barbecue or buffalo.

Another popular option is pinwheels, which feature a combination of meat, cheese, and vegetables.

Walmart Party Trays Prices

Walmart Party TraysServesPrices
Walmart Snacks trays15-18$34
Walmart Kids Party Trays8-12$24
12” Slider Tray6-8$14
Walmart  16” Slider Tray12-16$26
Walmart 18” Slider Tray15-18$34
Veggies trays15-18$37
Veggies tray large20-25$48
16” Chicken Trio Trays15-20$28
18” Chicken Trio Trays20-25$44
Walmart Wings Trays12-16$18
Walmart Pinwheel Tray (Small)12$21
Pinwheel tray (medium)16$36
Pinwheel tray (large)18$42

Prices of Walmart Catering Sandwiches Trays

Sandwiches at Walmart include

When hosting a big party, sandwich trays from Walmart come in very handy.

For these trays, you can select your preferred sandwiches from Walmart, including chicken, beef, ham, or turkey sandwiches.

The sandwich roll tray has a variety of rolls, including dinner rolls, ciabatta rolls, and Bolillos buns.

Walmart Sandwich Tar Prices and Serves

Walmart Sandwich Tray MenuServesPrices
Walmart 16 inches medium sandwich tray16-20$32
Walmart 18 inches large sandwich tray20-24$42
Walmart Mix n match sandwich rolls18-24$8.99

Subs Menu Prices of Walmart Catering

Subs made with fresh bread, cheese, meat, and vegetables are available at Walmart.

They are the best subs of the era due to the high quality of the ingredients and freshness.

Customers have the option to select from a variety of meats, including ham, beef, and turkey, as well as cheeses, including Swiss and Cheddar.

Walmart Catering Subs Prices

Walmart Party Subs MenuServesPrices
Walmart Sub sandwich tray, 4’16-20$40
Walmart Sub sandwich tray, 2’8-10$30
Walmart Sub sandwich tray, 6’25-30$32

Prices of Walmart Chicken Platter Menu

Target and Costco’s chicken platters are outmatched by Walmart’s in terms of variety.

The chicken dish from Walmart includes ranch dressing7, while the other two come with blue cheese dressing.

The chicken plate from Walmart had a larger serving than those from Costco and Target while being more expensive.

Walmart gives us the choice to create our own platter using our preferred chickens, although other stores do not.

Walmart Chicken Platter Prices

Walmart catering fried chicken is available in a 50-piece container for about $40, easily serving up to 20 people.

Prices of Walmart Deli Trays Menu

The deli trays from Walmart are well-liked by customers.

They sell meat and cheese platters that come with cherry tomatoes, olives, swiss cheese, cheddar cheese, turkey, roast beef, and ham.

Additionally, they offer cheese platters filled with a variety of cheeses, including provolone, Colby jack, Swiss, and slices of cheddar and other cheeses.

Walmart sells deli meat trays that come with a cup of cherry tomatoes, olives, and a choice of meats.

Walmart Deli Trays Prices

Walmart Catering Deli Trays MenuServesPrices
Meat and cheese Deli trays8-12$24
Meat and cheese Deli tray15-20$42
Cheese Deli trays15-18$34
Deli Meat trays15-18$34
Large deli meat tray20-25$48
16” Swiss cheese tray15-18$34
18” Swiss cheese tray20-25$48

Walmart Deli Menu Calories

Walmart Deli MenuCalories
Macaroni Salad310 cal
Amish Potato Salad250 cal
Potato Salad, Mustard190 cal
Macaroni Salad, Original310 cal
Homestyle Cole Slaw160 cal
Amish Potato Salad200 cal
Fried Chicken, Breaded230 cal
Fried Chicken, Breaded230 cal
Amish Macaroni Salad280 cal
Amish Macaroni Salad280 cal

How to place an order at Walmart?

In actuality, there is no online ordering platform for any catering-related services available to Walmart customers. Customers who are interested in placing an order are often instructed to get in touch with any Walmart location.

The branch then confirms the price and availability of the specific item they wish to purchase.

How to order Walmart Catering Trays?

Order from Walmart Catering now and savor a delectable dinner! You can place your order in person, online, or over the phone with convenient Walmart Catering ordering hours from 8 am to 8 pm, and you’ll have catered in no time.

Find all the supplies you require for a great event, whether it be a small gathering of friends or a sizable company party.

Ordering in-store

You ought to go to a Walmart store nearby.

You should inquire if there is anything the cashier needs from you at the deli counter.

The trays, plates, and other items should be your choice.

The deli employee must then be informed of the quantity and requested to prepare the bill.

You ought to pay and take your things home.

Placing an order online

You should check out Walmart’s catering menu on their website.

Select your order from the menu or brochure at this point.

Then places your order by calling them or using the Internet.

Choose between in-store pickup and delivery, pay for your purchases, and receive your goods.

What services does Walmart cater?

The party plate, which combines sandwiches, chicken wings, and chopped meat, is one of the most popular products most caterers at Walmart sell.

People have a wide selection of food items to pick from since, in addition to the platter, they can also have personalized food items based on their preferences and the type of event that is being organized.

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