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10 Ways to Gain More LinkedIn Page Followers

Creating a LinkedIn page is one of the easiest tasks to do. But, making the people follow your page is a daunting task to do. Some of the people are impressed by your LinkedIn profile picture while there are many who love to read through every minute details of your page.

How to Get More LinkedIn Page Followers

Tips for Attracting Followers to your Company Page

It is really important to grow your LinkedIn presence and this can be done easily either by promoting your page or creating some extraordinary content to attract the readers. Here are some of the greatest strategies to gain more LinkedIn followers. You must check them out.

1) Specify what the Page is about

Your LinkedIn page should reflect your image as it is the very first thing which people will see to follow you. You need to provide credible information about yourself on the page. If you run a business page then make sure to add its logo as the profile picture and provide detailed information about your business.

Make sure that the profile picture and the information presented on the page is clear and perfect. In this way, you can make your page visitors as your followers.

2) Don’t forget to include the Link to your LinkedIn Page in your Email Signature

It is important for you to recognize the importance of linking social media in your email. You can add your LinkedIn Page in the email signature. While sending the email to your contacts, the email signature with link to your page can attract views to the page and few of the users can even start following it.

If you are marketing your content through email, it is mandatory to add the link to your LinkedIn page as most of the email subscribers’ click to the social media page in the email.

3) Include LinkedIn Follow Widget on your Website/Blog

It is one of the easiest tactics that you can follow to increase your page like count. Add the LinkedIn Page Follow Button or Widget on your website. So if the user clicks on it, he/she will be redirected to your page. Now, the user may like your page if he/she is attracted by some great content on your page.

4) Publish Great Content on a Regular Basis

Your LinkedIn page visibility gets a boost if you keep on posting high quality content regularly. And if more people visit your page, the follower count increases automatically. Update the content regularly on your page so that the audience must keep checking the page regularly for the latest posts.

If you write really well then there is every possible chance that your page followers can share the content. The shared content can reach to their connections and hence the chances to enhance the followers to your page improve.

5) Run a PPC Campaign

People usually run the PPC (Pay per Click) campaigns to boost their page followers. The users are redirected to a landing page after they click on the PPC ad. Having some great content on that page with catchy headlines and compelling imagery can drag them to your LinkedIn page from where they can follow you.

You can run a PPC campaign according to your budget. LinkedIn even supports the Follow Ad Campaign. Here, when a user follows your page, the activity is spread in the network encouraging his/her connections to follow the page.

6) Follow Other Companies

There are a number of people on LinkedIn who can follow you back if you follow them. You can even follow some company pages and get a follow back in return. Now, start sharing their updates on your profile and most of them will start sharing your updates on their page as well.

7) Increase Followers with your Employees/Friends

Another easy trick to improve your follower count is by sharing the updates on your profile and encouraging your employees/friends to share those updates. Once your employees/friends start sharing those updates on their network, the follower count automatically enhances in numbers.

8) Join LinkedIn Groups

Finding and Joining a Group

You can join the LinkedIn groups and start sharing your page or the posts on these groups. Make sure you join the groups that have thousands of people. It will help you to reach more audiences and gain more likes on your LinkedIn page. You can even create your own group and make it public.

Let the people join your group. Once you have enough people in the group, you can start sharing your page content in the group. If the page content is really awesome then the members in the group will also share it in their networks and the chances of getting more followers will improve.

9) Post Job Openings

If you own a business page then nothing can be better than sharing the current job openings in your company on the page. This will attract the users looking for jobs to your page and many of them will even follow you for the latest updates. The LinkedIn Company page can get a boost through it.

10) Share on other Social Media Websites

Another interesting way to gain more followers to your LinkedIn page is by sharing the LinkedIn page or posts on social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and few more. If the people know about your brand or liked the content you are sharing, most of them will definitely start following your LinkedIn page. It is one of the smartest ways to build a brand reputation on social media.

The Bottom Line

Above-mentioned were some of the coolest ways to attract mass audience to your LinkedIn page and gain more followers. You can use these strategies for effective branding of your business page and even for the content marketing.

LinkedIn is one of the growing networks where you can find a number of professionals with vast expertise. Grow your audience, increase your followers, and brand yourself or your company on LinkedIn. 🙂

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