13 Ways to Build a Happy & More Productive Workforce

According to Harvard business studies, workers who are satiated with their work environment and employer policies are happier and 32% more productive than the unhappy ones. Not only that, they tend to three times more creative and smart and account for 38% more sales in comparison to the remaining employees in your office.

Build Happy & More Productive Workforce

While this data seems to be interesting for employers, you must be thinking of how you’re going to satisfy them so as to bring up the sales of your company. Here are 13 ideas for a happier office and an entire smiling workforce.

Health and Wellness Ideas

1] Conduct a Step Counting contest

As nowadays most people are health conscious, they’ll love it when their employer conducts health contests like the step counting one. The person who has higher number of steps will win the contest. However, the employees need a pedometer app for that. This will not only improve their health but also keep them motivated.

2] Salad buffet

Most of your employees must be into healthy eating and preferring more veggies than oily food. How about asking them to bring to office their favorite salads at least once in a week or a month and display them for others. They can exchange ideas of different salad options and also be encouraged about being appreciated.

3] Lunch Walks

Lunch breaks are no longer meant for only eating. People nowadays prefer eating their lunch and going out for small walk sessions. You can create such lunch walk clubs where you let your employees walk in different routes everyday during their lunch breaks. They can feel better post lunch, feel less sleepy and also feel motivated and happy.

4] Benefits of gym membership

Which office doesn’t have a gym these days? How about giving your employees gym memberships so that they can take care of their health post working hours. Sitting for 9 hours throughout the day will definitely give them back pain, which if not cured, can lead to more leaves. So, you can help them work out and cure their health.

Ideas for Creating a Perfect Corporate Culture

5] Celebrate birthdays of employees

Try to maintain a doc where you list down the birthdays of all your employees. Celebrating them makes them feel special. You can also assign the individual departments to collect money and buy presents to complete the feel of birthdays.

You can also create groups of a particular month’s celebrants so as to have a joint party together. They’ll love it with candles, cakes and merry-making.

6] Celebrate victories

Whenever you have employees who have achieved a milestone, pop champagne so as to make them appreciated and special. Once they feel motivated, they will give in their 200% to their work.

They can work doubly hard in order to make themselves capable of achieving all the future milestones once they get that pat on their back from you. This will in turn help your company flourish as well.

7] Bring in the pets

There was a study done in 2010 that said that if the employers allow their employees to bring their dog in the office, this can heighten their collaboration efforts. So, how about revising your policy of not allowing pets at office? If you can make your workforce happy, then you can do anything for it.

8] Offer volunteer days

Give a chance to everyone to volunteer at least once at some non-profit organization or a local charity. Volunteering in such institutions often instil the sense of responsibility within them which ultimately helps them work in a better way in their workplace. Allot them at least 1 day in a quarter or in a year.

9] Host activities for building team

Team building is one of the toughest and the most necessary tasks that an employer has. If you can build camaraderie with scavenger hunts, sportsfests or even karaoke parties, this can help you build the spirit of your team. Any activity that is fun and interesting can be tried out.

10] Days with themed costume

No, although we all know that Friday is the day to enjoy yet why should be just restrict ourselves to only Fridays? Don’t just allow your employees to dress casually on Fridays.

Why not allot some specific days on which they can wear themed costumes like pirates, ninjas, cowboys or minions. They could wear anything that would speak about their choice.

11] Host parties on holidays

Who doesn’t love parties? When you’re thinking of having a happy workforce, the best thing that works for them is hosting parties that are worth attending. Whenever people get motivated, they get energetic and strive hard to end the year with great conviction.

12] Use break rooms for happy hour

If possible, you can also host a cheese and wine hour at the break room. This way, you can allow your employees to socialize with each other inside the office. The experienced employees will get to know the newbies and vice versa.

13] Get more plants

There have been several experiments that proved that when you decorate your office with potted plants, this can uplift your mood and help you increase your personal productivity by 15%.

So, try and get several potted plants and keep them at various places so that this could have a positive impact on the minds of the employees.

A happy and productive workforce is always a win-win for the bosses, the business owners as well as the workers. What kind of employees do you have in your office? Are you someone who is eager to take all the above mentioned steps in order to turn your grumpy workforce into a happy one?

If yes, make sure you try out the best ways in which you can build a happy workforce that is always smiling and ready to work.

If your company’s employees boost your business productivity by 32%, this is quite a bit for a small business. Follow them in order to help your business prosper.

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13 Ways to Build a Happy & More Productive Workforce - by Wrike project management software

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