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Where to Start If You Want to Make Money on the Internet

Do you happen to be in the same boat as people who cannot stand their job? If so, working for yourself is the best course of action. The Internet has opened doors for so many entrepreneurs.

And there are plenty of those who are not making millions but can still say that working online is the best choice that they have ever made.

Realistic Ways to Make Money Online


Those who have never tried anything like it will need a point from which they can start. The ideas below will do nicely for both experienced and those with zero knowledge on the subject.

Write a Blog

Ideas to write do not come to all of us, but those who have a knack to consistently come up with content can make a lot of money from it. Of course, starting a blog is not that easy and takes time, but by no means can it be considered extraordinary.

Make Money Blogging


Once you begin to see more people who are coming to your website, you can decide on the monetization method. Whether it is ads, selling something or running an affiliate program matters not that much. The only important thing is having steady traffic. It will start to convert eventually.

Learn new skills (Heading)

The Internet is full of opportunities. You can make money online by taking advantage of them. But sometimes it is not easy to find the right opportunity or skill to learn. Technology skills such as cloud computing, data analysis, web development can help you make a lot of money online.

Stream on Twitch TV

E-sports are gaining more popularity with each passing year. If you were to go to Twitch TV website, you would notice how many people are watching professional tournaments of games like DOTA2, League of Legends, or Counter-Strike. But tournaments are not the only point of attractions.

There are quite a few streamers who have hundreds of thousands of followers and are making a living off of subscribers, donations, and partnership deals with various sponsors. You should consider getting into this while the market is still hot.


The most important aspect of dropshipping is finding the right products that you’ll then be able to sell. There are many ways to conduct the product research: You can visit Amazon/AliExpress Best Sellers list, you can simply Google it or you can use a specialised product research tool, such as SaleSource, that does all the work for you.

As far as difficult methods go, dropshipping is somewhere in the middle. According to Printify, a wordpress dropshipping store is not something everybody can cope with, but given the number of people who cannot imagine living any other way, it is natural to assume that the idea is worth pursuing.

Perhaps the biggest attraction of the method is the fact that you do not have to be the one with products. You work as a middleman and promote whatever it is you are trying to sell.

Shopify dropshipping is all about inspiration, for this reason it is super important to do effective product research via dropshipping tools, such as SaleSource.

YouTube Channel

YouTube Channel

It requires special skills, sure, but if you like to watch videos on YouTube, you should be familiar with how popular some channels are. And those who have million or more subscribers are making money not just from the ads on videos, but from stuff like Patreon or special partnership deals.

Copywriting and Writing

A talent with words is what a lot of big companies seek. If you can convince them that your writing can bring them money, you will have more orders than time on your hands. Copywriting is a very broad industry, so try to find a particular topic that you are good with, and try to build your reputation from there.

Be sure to get a website up and running where you will be able to show your potential employers what you are capable of. A portfolio is important in every work of digital marketing, but in this particular case, even more so.

E-commerce Store

Store eCommerce


A regular online shop is possible only if you have something that people might want to purchase. Perhaps it could be hand-made jewelry or t-shirts with your design. The idea itself is important, no doubt about it, but you need more than just a product.

Global Ecommerce Statistics

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LetsTalkAboutMoney has prepared a detailed article about various statistics regarding e-commerce. Be sure to read about it if you have an interest in this particular method.

So to make a conclusion, everyone who is interested in trying out to make money online, the methods mentioned above are all viable. It will take time before you learn some of those skills, but the effort is worth it all, and more.

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