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3 Ways You Can Make Your Home Safer

Burglaries and break-ins can obviously be headaches from a financial perspective, but few realise the toll it can also take on your mental health. Safety should therefore be one of the biggest priorities for homeowners when making changes to their priority.

Simple Ways to Secure Your New Home

How to Secure Your Home

Naturally, we all know to lock our doors and shut our windows prior to leaving a property, but what else can we do to keep our homes safe? Fortunately, home security is a common problem, and as such, there are plenty of things you can do now to secure your home and possessions.

Here are just a few things you can do to prevent any unwanted intruders accessing your property.

Secure Your Doors

Despite the stereotypes, most burglars are opportunists, and will look for easy to access properties, as opposed to ones which require forcing entry into. In fact, nearly  a third of burglaries are committed by individuals simply walking through a front door.

Your doors should thus be the first thing you go about protecting when looking to improve your home’s security. Check for any weaknesses in their opening mechanisms, as these can sometimes be exploited with a crowbar. When moving into a new property, make sure you change the locks, too.

This will prevent any people you do not know having unwanted access to your home. You could even consider installing a deadbolt onto your door, for further protection.

Install a Security System

If you live in an area with a particularly high crime rate, or are especially worried about intruders for a different reason, installing a full security system is the thing to do. Modern alarm systems today have a multitude of useful monitoring features, including video cameras, smart locks, and direct lines of communication to security workers.

They are perhaps most useful, however, for deterring criminals from targeting your home in the first place. In fact, research suggests that as many as 60% of burglars would be deterred by the presence of a security system. In view of this, you should try to make your cameras and sensors as visible as possible when building your home security system.

Pay Attention to Your Windows

As with doors, windows are commonly used entry points for burglars to access your property. Sliding windows, in particular, pose a risk due to their ease of access. Most windows are built with latches, but these often erode or are damaged over time. It’s thus a good idea to add some extra security to your windows yourself.

As an example, try placing a rod or wooden plank in the tracks of your sliding doors, when they are closed. This will mean intruders can’t open them, even if they can bypass the lock. You can also install sensors which notify you whenever windows are opened.

First-floor windows are another frequent target for burglars, since it is not uncommon for them to be left open indefinitely. You should therefore make sure that any ladders are securely locked away, and any potential climbing routes are sufficiently monitored.

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