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What Is a Character Counter?

Isn’t it the worst when you spend hours and hours cranking out in-depth researched essays only to find out that you have overwritten those projects by 1000s of words beyond their required limits?

Maybe you were so consumed with making the vital information that you have discovered sing on the page for the readers enjoyment, and rightfully so. Now many of those juicy bits and pieces with be scrapped completely.

Word and Character Counter

Character Counter

When you are writing blog posts or articles for websites and social media platforms with strict word counts, this may be a time to consider using a character counter.

Think of a character counter as a totally free online calculator that keeps track of your character count while you are writing. You may be thinking, who cares, my Microsoft Word program on my laptop already does that.

But a character counter goes beyond just tabulating how many letters, numbers, and typing symbols are involved in the construction of your sentences and paragraphs. Character counters also are able to be used to count words, sentences, paragraphs, along with pages.

All of this counting is taking place in real time. You are also able to make use of the associated spelling and grammar checking functionality as well.

Who Uses Character Counters? 

It isn’t hard to tell that a character counter is an ideal online tool for students. When you are in high school and college, students are often bombarded with multiple homework papers to write and research projects that have to be typed.

Juggling all of these different assignments that all have their own individual word and page limits can be an overwhelming experience.

Let a character counter sweat out all of the extra counting for you when you are in the process of filling out college applications where you have to answer very important questions in a set about of words.

Focus on impressing those universities that will look extremely good on your resume one day. Leave the character counting to a digital professional.

Make no mistake, if you aren’t able to abide by the restrictions on how many words and pages your writing needs to fall within, you will already be setting yourself up for failure in the eyes of the reader. They will assume that you unfortunately are unable to follow instructions.

The character counter will have your back while you are writing so that you can meet your minimums, not overextend yourself, and be able to put your best thoughts forward on the page.

Character Counters for Social Media Usage

Character counters certainly come in handy when you are working as an online content creator or as a social media manager crafting ad copy. If your ad is too long, it will lead to you having your intended message cut short to fit the space requirements.

Imagine if you wrote ad copy that now makes absolutely no sense without the rest of the previous words. It sounds like you would be doing all of that work all over again, or your employer may have someone else do it instead of you now.

Here are some of the common social media character limits.


  • Caption: 2,200 Characters.
  • Bio: 150 Characters.


  • Video Description: 5,000 Characters.
  • Video Title: 70 Characters.


  • Post: 63,206 Characters.
  • Image Ad Text: 90 Characters.


  • Tweet: 280 Characters.
  • Direct Message: 10,000 Characters.


  • Publishing Content: 120,000 Characters.
  • About Us/Summary: 2,000 Characters.

Now you have your answer to, what is a character counter. Use it to save yourself from wasting your valuable time when you’re working on your next writing assignment. Stay within the guidelines by having a character counter at your fingertips.

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