What Is An Airdrop (Cryptocurrency)?

Airdrop is a process in which a Cryptocurrency Enterprise distributes cryptocurrency tokens to a community with the main aim of getting attention, encouraging adoption of new coins or to create equality. Airdrops are mainly done by the blockchain based firms such as cryptocurrency exchange platforms and wallet services.

What is a cryptocurrency airdrop?

We have just about to cross first half of 2018 and about 340 ICOs have gained about $9 billion between. Despite various hacks, scams and various other things, the growth of the ICOs is increasing. However, in 2017 only 210 ICOs have raised over $4 billion in funds.

But still, some of the companies are still facing trouble in promoting their ICOs. What can be the possible solution for that?

1] What are Compliant ICOs?

A compliant ICO or STO is approved by SEC. There are 4 different ways to promote these types of ICOS:

What are Complaint ICOs

  1. For instance, with the help of a current securities exemption known as Reg A+. Here, you can raise upto $50 and can provide this offer to all the people above 18+. But to do this, you will require 2 years of audited financials and lot of time and money.
  2. Second is Reg CF, this is a better and cheap way of raising funds, but it doesn’t guarantee how much you will earn.
  3. Fintech merchant account also helps to hold compliant ICOs.
  4. Lastly, you can also advertise on various platforms. But you have to use it wisely.

2] Possible regulations coming for airdrops

Some of the ICO teams have found amazing ways to market their ICO with the help of Airdrops. Well, they are distributing tokens to curious parties and then creating a hype for their sale. Apart from this, we have also observed some amazing physical airdrops, with tokens falling out of ballons.

In order to avoid all the securities laws, the craze of airdrops has increased simultaneously. Of course, who doesn’t love the free money? In order to get alerts about the latest airdrops, you can sign in on popular websites.

As the old saying “Nothing comes for free”. Similar to this, there is nothing like free launch, there is also not anything like free stock too. Here, comes the turn of Securities and Exchange Commission.

Airdrops are not flexible. They are now being bound by security transactions, which is a major issue.

3] This is a major Issue

Regulations in ICO are literally unclear. When someone says this world, the whole crypto market starts shaking. Regulations should be proper and clear. These regulations are created so that companies can work on basis of desired structure and avoid ICO scams.

As per the Marble, blockchain companies should not worry about marketing. Even if they feel they are unable to raise funds. He says if a company is real and if blockchain concept and the team is real, then they can simply publish on Twitter and can raise funds.

4] Is Airdrop the new way of promoting ICO’s?

Yes, with the help of Airdrop, you will be able to get an attention of lots of people. Airdrops are mainly used to create awareness about the ICO which is launched by a specific firm.

Crypto airdrops

In order to cop up with above scenario, is making the essential steps towards regulated airdrops with implementing KYC for airdrops and offer clients the ability to block GEO locations for countries that will be strict on unregulated airdrops

Airdropalert was started a year ago in order to provide free Airdrops to all the fans and now the community is increasing rapidly.

The site’s main goal is to provide information about valid ways to collect free cryptocurrency tokens. The site has hosted, promoted, marketed and distributed airdrops of more than 30 ICO’s.

In order to get details about the Upcoming, Active and Past Airdrops, visit

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