What Is The Cloud? – A Beginner’s Guide

The Cloud is such a common phrase, casually being spoken by office colleagues and the tech industry alike. However, despite it becoming a frequently used term, many people are still up in the air when it comes to putting the Cloud into concise words.

What exactly is it? What does it do? Business jargon aside, when it comes down to what the Cloud entails it couldn’t be clearer.

Cloud Definition

What is the Cloud - Definition

Essentially, when people refer to the Cloud they are referring to an online system -this can be used for both for storing and saving. A business development manager said it was like the equivalent of being able to work from somebody else’s computer.

It opens up the world of the office and allows lots of different people – from all over the country, or potentially all over the planet – to work on the same project. Not to mention it makes a very reliable saving system.

Everyday Life

The Cloud may seem like it’s in the world of massive corporate companies or endeavouring tech start-ups. However, the chances are you have used a Cloud system without realising it. Say for instance if you’ve backed up your photos online – that means you’ve been on the Cloud.

A huge benefit of using the Cloud is the peace of mind that comes with it. As long as you have an internet connection, you can always access your most important files.

You don’t have to worry about a corrupted hard drive or breaking a memory stick. It also can save you money as you don’t have to worry about investing in these pieces of technology, your work can always be accessed online.

Cloud computing


Embracing Cloud technology acts as such a good door for a business. Not just because it can allow so many individuals in, but also because it shut out the people it needs to. According to The Telegraph, the hybrid Cloud is the future. It can bring the best of both worlds to a business.

It can allow public access, and allow people to work together but also keep all these projects private when needed. Just like not having to worry about a broken hard drive, with the Cloud you wouldn’t have to worry about break ins with your private documents.

With companies such as Redcentric getting involved with the hybrid Cloud has never been easier. It is an exciting industry that will get bigger and better with time.

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