Where to Stay In Santiago de Chile: Best Areas And Neighbourhoods

Welcome to the charming city of Santiago de Chile, where life happens every moment. The people of Santiago relish life and enjoy every moment. The city is geographically blessed, with the Andes mountain range on one side and the beautiful Pacific Ocean on the other – making it a perfect holiday destination.

Santiago de Chile

Within its numerous neighbourhoods the city has a variety of activities, sites, restaurants and landmarks to visit and explore. In the following we will bring you a bit closer to when to visit Santiago and where to stay while visiting.

What is the best time to visit Santiago de Chile?

If you happen to visit this colourful city in September, you must experience the true cultural spirit of the city. September hosts the Chilean Independence Day celebration also known as ‘Fiestas Patrias’. During this festival, the streets of Chile are filled with smiling faces of boys and girls, all dancing the cueca in the traditional costume.

In terms of temperature the best time to visit the city is in the shoulder months of Sep-Nov and Mar-May. Try to avoid visiting during the peak season in July and Holy Week (Semana Santa), the week preceding Easter Sunday as it gets full of tourists.

Where to stay in Santiago de Chile?

You can either get a place within Providencia – a district in Chile’s capital city, Santiago or within the city limits of Santiago.

Santiago - Capital of Chile

Within Providencia


If you are dreaming of living the bohemian lifestyle, then the Bellavista is the best place for you. The streets of this area are buzzing with life and the nightlife and it is a attraction for tourists.

During the day, visit the Santiago Metropolitan Park and enjoy the best views in the city. It is known as the party destination of Santiago; both Club Mamba and MICRO club are two such popular party destinations in Bellavista.

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