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Three Reasons Why Athletes Should Consider Using A Percussion Massager

Athletes are always looking for new workouts and the best recovery method to help them improve in their sport. Whether they play soccer or football, training is one of the most important elements to being prepared for game day – but what happens after game day when you’re sore and you need to recover?

Do you just go home and sit on the couch and wait for the next session?

Using A Percussion Massager

Recovery is often one of the overlooked aspects of training that needs to be addressed. Proper recovery is the difference between failing at your next training session or selling in your next match.

Let’s see one of these bite recovery methods that are ideal for athletes to get their muscles back in working order.

Benefits of a percussion massager for athletes

If you’re confused as to what a percussion massager is – we were too! However, this new technology is a type of tool that is very effective when it comes to releasing tension in inflamed and tight muscles.

Muscles that have been used extensively in exercises – such as the quadriceps muscles for soccer players or the shoulder muscles for baseball pitchers – are typically tight, overworked, and tense. In this case, you need to loosen your muscles so they can get ready for their next training session. But what exactly is a percussion massager?

Percussion massage therapy is a new type of recovery that works well to help deliver short and intense blows – or percussion beats – to a specific area of the body to help reduce muscle tension, restore blood flow to the affected area, and promote healthy muscle recovery in a shorter time.

By using vibrations, the percussion massager can increase the likelihood of quicker recovery and muscle tension release. You can see more here the benefits of percussion massage.

Reduces inflammation

One of the main benefits of using a percussion massager for athletes is that it helps reduce inflammation. After an insane workout or injury during a sporting event, athletes may find their muscles are inflamed, sore, and tight.

Using a percussion massager can help reduce inflammation and restore a full range of options in the body to prepare for the next training session.

Relaxes the muscles

If you are constantly using these same muscle groups, you may find that the overuse of the same motion can lead to tight and tense muscles.

For example, if you are constantly kicking a soccer ball, your hips, quadriceps, and hamstrings might have a lack of range of motion and be constantly tense. Use a percussion massager to loosen your muscles!

Prevent delayed onset muscle soreness

The final benefit of using a percussion massage for athletes is to help rescue delayed onset muscle soreness, a phenomenon that typically arises between 24-48 hours after an intense training session that can lead to sore and stiff muscles!


If you find that you are very sore from your training session and you have inflamed muscles, consider using a percussion massager to help yourself recover quicker and return to training in no time at all!

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