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Why Corian® Is the Best Choice for Your Kitchen and Bathroom Makeover

Searching for the best surface material to add vibrance to your kitchen or bathroom? Search no further! Corian® is not only appealing but also superior to other choices in the market. It offers multiple benefits while promoting a better environment.

Everyone is making an effort to do their bit for the environment so let’s discuss how Corian® is building a sustainable future and its benefits for your home.

Corian® for Residential Design

Following 2022’s measures of responsible manufacturing, Corian® plans to take a sustainable approach for the next ten years. It should solve climate change, drive the circular economy, deliver safer solutions, and help communities develop. That said, choosing Corian® is taking your prime position in fostering a sustainable tomorrow.

Benefits of Corian® as a Surface Product

Fueling circularity

The circular economy can contribute to sustainably creating products within a coordinated plan. Circular economies address global challenges such as climate change by reducing material use, redesigning materials to be less intensive regarding the resources they need during production, and recycling waste to be resources.

Corian® Solid Surface meets the objective of the global circular economy by promoting a more extended use of its products through reuse, upgrade, repair, and refurbishment. It is also very durable and can easily be repaired when needed, which helps save resources.

Besides, its range of colours features 5-20% pre-consumer recycled content with a zero-landfill status globally.

Fostering transparency

Corian® is dedicated to a sustainable future and has attracted various awards and certifications for unique environmental and hygienic performance. All products have Product-Specific Type III Environmental Product Declarations.

They are also Red List free, meaning the brand has disclosed 100% of ingredients found to obtain no Red List chemicals at exceptional levels. Additionally, it complies with the Living Building Challenge’s goals of ingredient transparency and omission of harmful Red List Chemicals. No Crystalline Silica has been incorporated into any Corian® Solid Surface, eliminating the risk of exposure to dangerous silica particles.

Significantly minimising impact 

Corian® Design strives to minimise environmental impact in its manufacturing processes. Some of their plants use 100% renewable energy sources for all materials produced and participate in the Responsible Care program of national and international chemical industry associations.

Sustainability for a better, bright future for humanity

At the core of every Corian® creation is sustainability. It ensures designers, architects, and renovating companies can make long-term creations while accommodating creativity.

Numerous colour options

Corian® has stormed the construction industry with surfaces beyond the standard and monotonous speckled patterns. It offers unmatched aesthetics with over a hundred colours and designs available to fit any modern space.

Additionally, it adds softer aesthetics than Quartz and Granite. Its matte or satin finish doesn’t reflect light and features more delicate acoustic characteristics to dampen sound.

Customisable to your needs

Corian® can be fabricated to meet your space and functionality requirements. Your imagination is simply the limit, with possibilities including flowing waves, curves, and free-form organic patterns. It can also accommodate various shapes.

Low maintenance

Caring for Corian® surfaces is easy. It only requires soapy water and ammonia-based cleaners. It’s best to avoid window cleaners as they leave a waxy build-up that dulls the surface. A great option is commercially available solid surface cleaners, which remove most dirt and residue from any finish type. Opt for a stronger cleaner for stubborn residues.


Corian® is an excellent choice for promoting a sustainable future and playing our roles as guardians of the environment. It is a worthwhile investment that can be refurbished and repaired and is built to last. Choose from a range of colours and designs for a makeover you’ll be proud of.

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