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Why iTunes is Garbage? [Infographic]

We know that iTunes is a media player, media library and mobile device management application developed by Apple Inc. It is used to play, download and organize digital audio and video on personal computers running the OS X and Microsoft Windows operating systems. The iTunes is also available on the iPod Touch, iPhones and iPads. But Actually iTunes sucks. Why? I Think you know the reason. actually you are already using the iTunes and you already understand what I am going to tell you. There, we said it. Apple is once very handy jukebox and music library manager has morphed into an unusable piece of crap that’s not even an app anymore, it’s juke a kiosk for the iTunes Store.

iTunes Garbage

Why iTunes is Sucks!! There are many reasons check below.

  • That is no moon, It is space station
  • He is as clumsy as he is stupid
  • Never his mind on where he was? what he was doing!
  • This deal is getting worse all the time!
  • It’s a Trap!
  • It’s a store
  • The library manager is prehistoric
  • No web browser/Wikipedia/Google anything
  • No plug-in architecture available
  • Massive memory footprint
  • No support for other music formats FLAC/Ogg etc.
  • Drag and Drop sucks
  • Bloatware downloads
  • Can’t use iPod as a music transport with iTunes
  • iTunes is slow

Why iTunes is Garbage?

iTunes Garbage Infographics

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There are many Free alternatives to iTunes are available in Market. Like, Simpler & Faster Alternative to iTunes, CopyTrans Manager – A Simple iTunes Alternative, SynciOS – A Free iTunes Alternative. This Three tools are alternatives to iTunes.

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Hope you liked our infographic, its the latest infographic on this topic with latest information. We did a lot of research before we started designing it. Please share it as a token of respect to all your friends and let us know what you think about this iTunes Infographic through the comments.

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