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William Kirby is a dermatologist by profession, but the world recognizes the personality for winning the Big Brother show. Yes, he is a winner of the popular American reality series Big Brother Season 2.

Will Kirby – American Aesthetic Dermatologist and TV Personality

William Kirby - American aesthetic dermatologist

Photo: Instagram – Will Kirby (drwillkirby1)

1] Early Life

Kirby is born (January 2, 1973) in Italy. The young man left Florence, Tuscany, Italy to pursue further education. However, he did not spend a lot of time in the birth country. William parents moved from country to country. The S2 winner father profession demanded to move to different countries.

As a result, the five-year-old spent a lot of time in Paris, France, and he attended kindergarten. Later on, the young boy had to goodbye to the Kindergarten friends.

The S3 winner spent youth-time in Tallahassee, and he completed school in Florida. Fortunately, he did not have to move from Florida until graduating from Florida State University High School.

2] University and Further Education

Kirby parents dream come true in the United States of America and they decided to continue living in Florida. The young talent had several things in mind for higher education. He earned a degree in Biology from Emory University.

The passion for pursuing further education, Kirby earned a medical degree from Nova Southeastern University College of Osteopathic Medicine.

Every successful doctor has to serve under a professional for three years of the period. During postgraduation, he earned training/internship in Internal Medicine at Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami, Florida.

In the end, the Doctor Will finally earned the position of Chief Resident in the Department of Dermatology. He completed three-year dermatology residency training with Western University/Pacific Hospital.

It took a long time for Will to complete academics and practical examinations. William earned the title “Dr. Will” by becoming a dermatologist, and associate clinical professor of dermatology.

The doctor started to date Erin Brodie for several years, and the couple engaged in 2011. However, they tied the knot in 2017 to a two-time of the popular reality series “For Love or Money.” The reality series winning couple blessed with two children 1) son in 2012 and 2) daughter in 2012.

3] Big Brother Success

Kirby career was secure, and he did not need to participate in any content or a show. However, he wanted to do something different from a medical career. Big Brother reality series was auditioning for new continents.

Reality series Big Brother offering a $500,000 grand prize, which would help the doctor pay off the student loans.

The young doctor gave a shot at the reality series, and they picked him to participate. Everyone including Will got surprised that Big Brother production team shortlisted him.

The finalists were Nicole Schaffrich and Will, and the format favored him. Yes, the format of the show decided to give evicted contestants the voting power. The banished house members choose William as the winner of the S2 Big Brother. Will took $500,000 grand prize home, and he solved all personal problems.

4] Life After Big Brother

The newly found fame did not force to reconsider career options for the young dermatologist. For a couple of years, he served as a medical correspondent.

He got several offers to appear on television shows, short films, movies and more. In 2006, Will appeared in an episode of The Young and the Restless. It took a while, but he appeared in two seasons of the Dr. 90210 aired on E! Channel television.

Doctor Kirby had to make time for medical career and appear on shows at the same time. He took the opportunity to appear on Regis & Kelly, Chelsea Lately (August 2008), The Talk, LA Ink, Reality Bites Back, and more.

As a doctor, he could not miss the opportunity to represent the Doctor’s community on “The Doctors.” Will appeared on the show for three consecutive years in different seasons. In 2011, the premiere of “The Real Housewives of Orange County” invited Kirby to appear on the show.

William understood the importance of public image and popularity. Kirby started to generate more income from a medical career, and television appearance is a big part of it.

The production team of Adult Swim’s Robot Chicken offered him to play a role. Kirby played the role of an animated physician in S8. Later on, he appeared in “Then and Now with Andy Cohen” Bravo for two seasons. He got featured in  Hallmark’s Home and Family daytime talk show.

Kirby is a winner of Big Brother S2, and it earned him a spot in “The Price is Right” show. It was a CBS celebrity edition show, and he left the season as a winner. However, Dr.Will decided to donate the winnings $51,000 to a charity.

The doctor appeared on Shahs of Sunset S7 episode three, where he performed laser tattoo removal treatment. As a winner of the season two of Big Brother, he participated in jury roundtable segment in six seasons. Yes, he appears on Big Brother finales since 2013 to present.

5] Will Kirby Net Worth

Kirby earnings and income is a subject that millions of people don’t know much about it. Kirby won $500,000 from the S2 reality show, and no one knows what he did with it. Many people believe that he spent it on the house. Some of the sources suggest that Will paid student loans and college fee.

No one can deny that he made millions of dollars later on by working as an artist for several shows. The popularity is enough to give him a lot of business outside of the entertainment biz.

Kirby is a certified doctor, which is enough for him to make $100,000 per year. He is living a lavish life outside of the entertainment industry and the medical profession.

According to the sources, Dr.William Kirby has a net worth of $5,000,000.

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