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Windows Tablets vs. Ultrabooks | Ways to Choose

Today, we use lots of electronic products. We need to buy a lot of products depending on our preferences. Some products are better than others in certain aspects. Even a cheap product can be more useful than an expensive product because of its certain advantages. For example, both tablets and ultrabooks are excellent products but not everyone like both of them as one has edge over another. This article talks about the differences between windows tablets and ultrabooks. Read this article if you need to buy one of them and are still confused about it.

Windows Tablets vs UltrabooksWindows Tablets vs. Ultrabooks:


Weight is one of the most important factors you need to focus on when you are about to buy a tablet or an ultrabook. Obviously, ultrabooks weigh more than the tablets, though the difference is not huge, but it is enough to make or break a deal. The extra weight might be vital in airports or hotels.


This part is also important. Today, we live in a high definition world where everything is of very high-quality, so the storage capacity is very important today. If you cannot store your favourite songs, movies then it is really pathetic. Ultrabooks beat tablets when it comes to storage capacity. For example, you need to pay about 800 dollars for 64GB. On the other hand, ultrabooks provide more storage.

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Today, we use a lot of wonderful apps. In fact, life is dull without apps. They are really useful. Ultrabooks provide more compatibility than tablets. So, think before you purchase.

Optical Drive:

Optical drives are very important for many users, though for some, they are useless. You need to know if optical drives are important for you. If they are a must, then you need to buy ultrabooks as some of them feature optical drives. On the other hand, tablets don’t feature any optical drives.


Windows Tablets vs Ultrabooks

This is also important feature you need to give a lot of attention to. Today, we all like displays with very high-resolutions. So, if you are one of them who needs high-resolution products, then you need to buy a tablet not an ultrabook. For example, a Samsung display has a staggering 2560×1600-pixel resolution while usually ultrabooks have 1366×768-pixel resolution. So, don’t rush. Take your time before you make a purchase. If you don’t need high-resolution, then there is no point in buying a high-resolution product.


Ultrabooks don’t need any stands or any folding covers.

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EBook Reading Capacity:

If you read a lot of eBooks, then you will like tablets very much. Ebooks are really easy-to-read with tablets. But ultrabooks are not good for reading eBooks, though some designs are changing so that ultrabooks can be used as a good eBook reader.


Windows Tablets vs Ultrabooks

This is one of the vital factors that can change your decision. Ultrabooks are expensive than the tablets. According to stats, if tablets cost 386 dollars, then ultrabooks cost 800 dollars. So, there is a big difference. Don’t spend any extra dollars if it is not mandatory for you.

Offer and Deals:

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Both ultrabooks and tablets are great, but you need to decide which one suits you the most. The above differences can be useful. Happy buying!

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