YouTube SEO Hacks To Rank Your Videos

What is the point of making videos when people are not going to see them? Being a YouTuber is all about getting your word out there. You have got to be so convincing that people should want to listen to you. You see all these videos these days when YouTubers are doing amazing and sometimes questionably weird stuff.

YouTube SEO: How to Rank YouTube Videos

Awesome YouTube SEO Hacks

Well! They need to go to any level to get more views. Sometimes even weirdness words from them, people will watch it with a cringe on their faces, but at least they will give it a look.

If you have chosen YouTube, your decision making is going quite good so far, because YouTube has around 1.5 billion users by now and this number is increasing amazingly. What I am guessing here is that you have already made an account and uploaded some videos, but they do not have many views.

There is no need to worry; every YouTuber goes through this once in the starting. You are just in your early life section of Wikipedia page, there is a lot more to come, and we are going to help you with achieving that. Go through the given points; they are all you need right now.

1) Video content should be relevant

We all here have used YouTube and are still using. Sometimes apart from the entertainment point of view, we need some instructions or suggestions. I have been there a lot of time when I am looking through the whole video, and the YouTuber will not just come to his/her point. If the video is about of 5 minutes, they are bragging about their personal stuff for like 2 to 3 minutes.

You need to lay a list down about the things that need to be there in the video. No one cares about your point of views and personal life; they are just there because of the one point. I would never subscribe to the channel that is just there to waste my time. Especially when you are making tutorials, just stick to the point. Luckily, now you can have 18% more traffic to your YouTube videos by just increasing the quality of your content.

2) Video title

Pay a lot of thought to the video title. This is the one thing that the search engine is going to look for. Maybe you have some amazing stuff, but if your title is not good enough and it does not appear when a search is made, how are you going to top SEO ranking?

3) Keyword

YouTube Keyword

The keywords are like the heart of your video. It should always be taken very seriously and put some thought and effort while selecting a keyword. Try to make the keyword as short as you can. People do not write long sentences while making a search, they are going to write a word and then hope for the best. Whatever comes up, they are going to watch it.

Therefore, keywords are important. If you are having a problem in selecting the right keyword, there are some tools available that are going to help you out, like Google Keyword Planner, MOZ Keyword Explorer, and more. Use words like “Reviews”,” How To”, “Tutorials”, “Video.”, “watch”. If you have some amazing news, you may capitalize the title, it will give some expressive tone to the title.

4) Video description

You cannot sum-up your whole video content in just the title. The video has much more than what is described. There are more than why through which the video can be approached or searched. This is what video descriptions are for. You can add well-searched sentences about your video. When someone makes a YouTube or even a Google search, they are more likely to see your video on top if exact words are matched.

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  • Worth reading post. Thanks a ton Harshil for sharing these tips. I just started a channel and I will definitely try this out.

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