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Give Yourself a 30 Minutes Transition from Gadgets for a Restful Sleep

Waking up at night is quite common among people who are insomniac or have young children at home. However, those who don’t have a valid excuse should wonder the reason behind this.

Have you ever wondered that when you sleep at night you get uncomfortable while changing your sleep position? Well that is because your mattress has become either very old or it is of not a good quality.

Take Back Control Over Your Sleeping

Better sleep is only possible when your surrounding is comfortable. This means getting dim lights, no distraction and firm mattress. Here are various kinds of mattresses available –

  • Memory foam is ideal for those who undergo chronic pain in the body. It has temperature technology that triggers the hot spots giving relief from pressure in those painful areas.
  • Innerspring keeps the mattress firm when you want to adjust the pressure points in your body. However, if you’re searching for a softer innerspring mattress then, select the hybrid form of mattress.
  • Latex is blend of durability and natural touch. They are like memory foam and unexpectedly expensive.

If you still get stuck with brands because you know the product type you want but, not sure about the brand then, peep into SleepJunkie.Org.

They have compared various kinds of mattresses and brands to let you know the best of them all. All those who are associated with this website are sleep conscious and they know the necessity of sleep in life, whether it is a teenage or an adult.

Often we feel that we are grownups so we can stay awake, late nights because that’s the only option to finish our pending work and enjoy some quality time.

Fact is not only mattress but, electronic gadgets play a major role in keeping you sleep deprived. We all are so addicted to these devices that we can’t keep it away from us for even a second. Even when we sleep we keep our smart phone beside us.

Here are few reasons why gadgets are harmful –

  • Melatonin is hormone that manages your sleep and wake up cycle. This melatonin is triggered by blue light emitted through these gadgets and thereby keeping you awake for a longer time.
  • There is no harm in checking few emails or watching your favorite movie on television or online. However, if there is anything exciting or negative about the movie or email then it keeps bothering and doesn’t let you relax and sleep.
  • Any gadgets that are source of Wi-Fi, pack the area with electromagnetic signals. Our brain continuously responds to it which keeps it busy the entire day and doesn’t let it to rest.
  • Mostly, we keep phones beside us because we set an alarm. However, the study says most people wake up in the night when they hear a notification sound from a text, message, email or an update from social media.
  • The major reason is addiction because you can observe that a person becomes restless when his or her phone does not have charge. Not a single day can go without our gadgets.

Sleep Hacking

Since we know these things are bothering our health so here are some useful tips to follow –

  • Turn off all TVs and gadgets two hours before your bedtime.
  • Remove all devices from your bedside and turn off wireless routers in the house.
  • Implement some relaxing activities like reading a real book or hot water bath and hot oil head massage at night.

If you find your kids affected by electronic gadgets then it is best to start good sleeping habits that you implement in your house.

Reorganize their schedule so that they don’t get stuck with any of these gadgets and make them aware of adverse effects of all electronic gadgets at night.

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