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3D Printed Product Ideas You Can Customize for Your Loved Ones

One of the best things about 3D printing is that as well as allowing you to make almost anything thanks to the huge number of designs that are available online, you also have the option of customizing the CAD files you find to make them unique.

This makes life much easier when a friend or family member’s birthday is looming and you want to get them something that’s as special and bespoke as they are.

3D Printed Gift Ideas for Loved Ones

3D Printed Product Ideas

Of course in the modern era you can order CNC parts online or CNC Machining service and even outsource 3D printing if you do not have the hardware to hand at home. Whichever route you take, here are some fun product ideas to consider for your next personalized project.

Iconic pop culture artifacts

Given that 3D printing is a suitably geeky pastime, it’s no surprise to see that you can find printable products that riff on lots of popular franchises.

Whether you want to print one of the recipient’s favorite characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe in figurine form, complete with their name etched into the base, or create Kylo Ren’s lightsaber with whatever extra details you see fit, the opportunity is out there!

Board games

Because 3D printing is so flexible you can create entire table top games out of thin air, and of course this gives you leeway for a lot of customization if you see fit.

Whether you want to make your own version of popular existing games like Settlers of Catan or you just want to make figurines that will fit in with the recipients Dungeons & Dragons character, bringing them to life in an amazing way, you can do so with the power of additive manufacturing.

Decorative curios

Not everyone loves comic book movies or board games, but most people will enjoy being given a present that lets them beautify their home, especially if the product in question is totally unique to them.

3D printing gives you the power to achieve this, and you can find designs for everything from practical plant pots and lamp shades to purely decorative ornaments online.

Obviously you should take the tastes and preferences of the individual into account, but even a small 3D printed curio can be one of the most thoughtful gifts imaginable.

Desk toys

The devil makes work for idle hands, and with 3D printed desk toys decked out with the name of one of your favorite people in the world, they will never be bored in the office again.

There are lots of finger-fiddling options in this arena, from kinetic sculptures to puzzles and other satisfying structures that can only be made using 3D printing tech.

Gadget accessories

If you know someone who loves their phone more than anything else, printing them out a custom case or bespoke stand to house it is sensible.

Whether you want to tweak the entire design or just mix up the colors, you can do all this and more with the right software and hardware. Your efforts are sure to be appreciated, whichever route you take.

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