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Giving Value: 4 Golden Rules for Nurturing Your Email List

There are many business owners that struggle with building a high-quality email list. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. By using the right nurturing and engagement strategies, it’s possible for any business to develop and grow an effective email list and begin getting real leads.

Golden Rules for Nurturing Your Email List

1] Give a Warm Welcome

Creating a warm welcome seems simple, but it’s not -; just ask the pros at Appiloque. A single wrong word can cause potential leads to turn away for good.

When someone signs up for an email list, they are interested in hearing from the company right then. It’s important for businesses to deliver on this expectation. Create an automated welcome message that introduces the business brand and delivers a freebie if one was promised.

Most business owners find that welcome emails have a higher open rate than typical newsletters, so it’s important to use that attention. Give subscribers something more. Introduce the brand in an authentic and catchy way.

Keep in mind that many people only sign up for the freebie or because they were interested in something that was said. Give these people a reason to stick around rather than waiting for the usual flow of content to convince them.

2] Segment the Email List

A common issue that marketers overlook when nurturing an email list is lumping all their subscribers together in a single campaign. Rather than sending the same email to every reader who has filled out a signup form, it’s better to segment subscribers based on specific information and to tailor the messages to every group to maximize the value offered.

Take some time to look at statistics that highlight the types of emails the subscriber opened in the past and the links they clicked. What webinars has the person attended, and what content types did they opt to download.

If a person filled out a form or two for content or information on specific topics, make sure to nurture them with similar content.

3] Automate While Being Personal

There’s a lot of talk about email automation, and there’s a good reason for this. Smart email marketing takes a lot of work. Automation takes communication to another level. It’s more targeted, efficient, higher quality, and more because human error is eliminated.

Remember, automation doesn’t mean robotic or even general. It’s possible to automate and remain personal. Automating refers to mapping out messages that are going to automatically hit a subscriber’s inbox.

4] Select the Proper Frequency

An important consideration is how often emails should be sent. An optimal solution for the majority of companies is once a week. Emailing daily is annoying to everyone involved, but if a person waits for more than a week between emails, they are likely going to be forgotten.

However, if the nature of a business’s blog requires a person email more, or if they are doing a series of emails, sending emails more often is necessary. If a business owner is still unsure, test it.

Building an Email List Successfully

Building an email list doesn’t have to be extremely challenging, but it is something that takes time, effort, and the right strategy. By using the nurturing tips found here, any business owner can build a list that will help them get the needed results.

Being informed is the best way to ensure the desired results for any email campaign are achieved. Don’t rush the process to find success.

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