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Carpet: See The Advantages Of Using The Material In Your Living Room

Carpet is a type of thin rug that covers the entire floor of the room. In the past, it was the darling of interior decorators in apartments, houses and offices, but it was eventually replaced by other materials. Nowadays, it is possible to think about the benefits and advantages of using carpet in the living room and in other environments.


So, check out in this content what are the reasons for those who use carpet in living room decoration to have a cozier and more elegant home. See also the main types of materials used in the production of carpet.

After all, what is carpet?

Although rug is a lot like carpet, it’s not the same thing. That’s because the rug can come in different sizes, colors and patterns. Carpets, on the other hand, are made with a thinner and more resistant material and usually have a single color. In some cases, they need to be handled by an expert carpet cleaning. Furthermore, they are specially made to be attached to the baseboard.

Most of the time, they cover the entire floor of the house, with the exception of the kitchen and bathroom, which are damp areas. So, if you’re building or renovating, and you haven’t decided which floor to use, check out the advantages of this coating below.

What are the main advantages of using carpet?

Anyone who chooses to install carpet, especially in the living room, can be sure that it will have some advantages.


The coating gives more elegance to the environment, combining with the accessories and furniture.


This coating also has the advantage of hiding small defects in the floor. Therefore, the thicker it is, the more problems it will cover up.

Low cost

The benefits of using carpet in the living room are even cost-effective, since it is cheaper than porcelain or wood flooring.

Thermal comfort

If you need a warm environment, especially if you live in cold regions, carpet is an excellent option.

Easy to clean

Although porcelain, for example, is easier to clean, carpet cleaning is not as complicated as you might think. Just use a vacuum cleaner and a damp cloth and the floor will be clean.


A common practice among carpet installers is the warranty, which can be quite long depending on the company.


Unlike wood, the carpet doesn’t make noise when stepping on. In this way, it is ideal for apartments, as it filters the noise of shoes on other floors.


When properly cared for, carpet can last up to 30 years. But it is important to pay attention when dragging furniture, with pets and children that can damage the flooring.


The carpet itself is non-slip. So it is ideal for homes with elderly people or children.

Various applications

In general, in addition to the floor, the carpet can be installed on stairs and even walls.

What types of carpets?

In practice, we know that there is a wide range of materials used in making carpets for living rooms and other rooms. Therefore, pay attention to the characteristics of where it will be used.

Also, think about the routine of using the room, since an environment with greater circulation of people, such as a corporate space, needs a more resistant material.

Find out what the main types are.


Nylon carpet is among the most popular in the world. It ensures wear and mildew resistance. It is possible to go further: the product can be dyed and receive new prints.


Polypropylene carpet is suitable for high-traffic areas such as offices and stain-prone spaces such as children’s bedrooms. That’s because the material is the most resistant and easiest to clean.


Polyester carpet has hypoallergenic properties, fighting mold formation. Plus, it’s sustainable, as many of them are made with recycled PET bottles.

In conclusion, the benefits of using carpets in the living room or other rooms are attractive due to the price, maintenance and beauty of the environments. But make sure you consult a professional carpet cleaning expert when you’re going to clean them.

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