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Top 5 Best DNS Servers You Must Know About! (Free and Public)

With internet booming for all kinds of personal and professional usage, all individuals and businesses are moving their bases online. It can be for connecting with friends, other like-minded people or for connecting with other professionals of the same business.

Now, how do you happen to have your presence in the virtual world? Mobile apps and websites, thus, play a major role in helping individuals and companies make their presence online.

Best DNS Servers to Use for Free

When you talk about online presence, all of you may agree that websites are an important part of any online presence building process. In fact, it is one of the first things that people usually do.

If individuals want to build their brand, blogs are the way. And if businesses want to reach their customers, then an official website or apps can be downloaded on their phones.

How to build the right websites?

Now, let us lay our emphasis on websites. You may have noticed that there is a web address for every website that is circulated for people to use. For that website to be converted into IP Address, DNS is the foundation.

Domain Name Server is the full form, and as you can understand from the name – it is the system that helps you to translate the domain name into a website name or an IP address so that people can associate with it.

Simple? So, if you are looking at building a website, you will need a domain. And to convert the domain name into a website address, a Domain Name Server will be required.

A lot of web development companies may offer you a DNS with the other services. But if you are doing it individually, then you may use or access the available free and public DNS servers.

Best Free And Public DNS Servers

Google DNS Public Server

If Google’s server did not top the chart of anything related to the internet, then there couldn’t be anything else! This server is available to the public at zero cost over the internet. In fact, this server is known to be one of the fastest ones existing in the market at the moment.

A lot of people who have used this server have also said that Google offers high-end security with respect to their domain, IP address, and website. You will want to have the following IP addresses to be able to use Google DNS Server – and

Cloudflare DNS Server

If you expand your horizons to having DNS servers that are available on a global scale, then this is another top DNS server that you can consider. The company has launched a brand-new server in recent times, and this one is available to the public on a free basis.

The new server is and is known to have high speed when it comes to performing tasks. Also, this server has been topping the charts when it comes high security – this is because they never log your IP address anywhere.

Open DNS Server

For those who have been in website building and development since a long time, already know about this company who has the Open DNS Server. It was found in 2005, and currently, it is being owned by a renowned company called the Cisco.

The best part about this server is that it has 100% uptime and automatically blocks spam and phishing websites through the server itself. Like the other top servers, it has high speed and can be relied on for data security.

It also offers you parental security options, which you can use for web filtering. The IP addresses for this DNS Server include and

Norton ConnectSafe

Don’t they have a lot of trust from their name itself? Well, that’s true. The company of Norton has been existing in the world of computers and technology since ages in the form of anti-virus systems.

Today, it not only is offering your computer to be virus safe but is also hosting some of the top DNS servers, that too at a free cost, which is available to the public.

They have a cloud-based server and is high when it comes to speed and accuracy. In fact, since the server is based upon a cloud, it has high-security services as well, by protecting your domains from phishing websites. The IP addresses that can be used for Norton ConnectSafe are and

Comodo Secure DNS Server

If you had to choose the top 5 amongst a list of free and public servers, this one surely qualifies to appear in the top 5 charts. The company promises to provide you with the best experience when it comes to DNS Server and IP addresses conversion.

They remove redundant steps and bring you the most required and accurate conversion stages for your DNS server. In fact, through this server, you do not have to install any external hardware or any other software to run the programs. It is spread across 5 continents today and is quite reliable.

It also has a block list which is real time. You can view all the blocked websites here, and the reason why the server blocked it automatically. The IP address to be used for Comodo Secure free and public DNS Server is and

So, what are you waiting for? Get going and sign up for one of these Domain Name Servers today. They all have their own advantages and disadvantages and it is important for you to have a look at that list before you can finally select one server for your website and company.

This may be a one-time heavy investment, but then, if you choose the right server, it will bring you the perfect benefits. Read reviews about the servers, and the companies that are offering you these servers and their services. Take your own time to make the decision of choosing the best public and free DNS server.

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