DuckPond Technologies: Baton Rouge Startup Splashes Into Trend-Setting Industries

The duck pond of Dartanyon Williams childhood lives in memory as a place of solitude and serenity, a refuge, a peaceful place where a young boy could think of life in seclusion and imagine what the future might bring.

In retrospect, it was also the perfect metaphor for the ambition and determination that would lead him to success: For as calm and unruffled as the ducks appeared in mind and imagination, they were distant realities compared to the grazing cattle that occupied Duck Pond’s agricultural landscape as home and habitat, with no duck or pond in sight.

DuckPond Technologies Inc

Today, DuckPond Technologies is the vehicle for bringing Dartanyon’s childhood daydreams, evolved ideas, developed aspirations and larger than life inventions to fruition across a range of industries and cutting-edge technology.

From its base in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, the company creates innovative products and strategies with a focus on fintech and enterprise software specific to identity theft prevention, payment card fraud, check authentication, payment network security, cybersecurity, and autonomous automobile technology. The DuckPond team is also applying its talents to gamification economics, remote voting technology and gun safety and control.

Along the way, the startup has amassed 10 pending patents, 9 of which focus on consumer protection. Itis an issue Dartanyon addresses with intimate knowledge, after a youth spent engaged in cyber-crimes, and later paying the price for his choices with a federal prison stretch.

He later detailed his story of change and redemption in a popular two-volume memoir, The Master Identity Thief: Testimony and Solutions of an Expert Witness.

The title of the memoir hints at the happy ending for the story: It was Dartanyon’s years in the world of digital fraud that gave him the skill to fight back against criminal cyber enterprises — and the understanding to appreciate the magnitude of the problem.

In his memoir he also details 60 legislative proposals that explain how law enforcement and political leaders can improve their strategies to reduce cyber-crimes and increase gun safety and control.

His expertise has earned him consultancies with the FBI, Secret Service, Louisiana State Police, Louisiana’s AG’s Office and the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Easter and Western Districts of Louisiana.

In pursuing new, innovative, and market-disruptive technologies, DuckPond is focused on developing enterprise software and fintech products that improve company efficiency and enhance the quality of life for consumers across various networks and industries.

DuckPond Technologies leadership team has more than 100 years of experience in technology, human resource management, administrative operations, senior executive leadership and management, transformative change, and entrepreneurial innovation.

DuckPond’s newest product offering is a mobile sports game labeled Hip-Hop Golf, which will initially be available on the App Store and Google Play in the summer of 2023. Hip-Hop Golf is the first of 10 planned games in a series appropriately titled Hip-Hop Sportz.

Each game will allow users to play various sports in a digital, urbanized, MetaVerse, at preferred locations around the world, in colorful environments infused with the culture and attitude of Hip-Hop as part of an evolving Web 3.0 experience.

The Hip-Hop Sportz ecosystem is designed as a decentralized consumer-first technology that will have immersive virtual and augmented reality capabilities, crypto programming, zip-vertising, and non-fungible, scalable digital real estate transactions.

Apart from the excitement generated by such trend-setting products, it’s clear that for many supporters, investors, and customers, the number one draw is Dartanyon himself.

As one key investor, James Moore, explains: “DuckPond Technologies is a rare species among startup tech companies, especially along the I-10 corridor. I have never seen such passion, purpose, vision, and focus as I discovered in Dartanyon. Iam proud to be in partnership with him and the DuckPond Team as they build a great technology company.”

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