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Multitasking – The Benefits of Screen Sharing

Connectivity is everything in today’s interconnected world of technology. Screen sharing falls into this category and helps businesses and individuals to better connect with their colleagues and customers.

Screen sharing allows for synchronized meetings across platforms, with different devices, and at any distance. Understanding the benefits of screen sharing will help you determine the benefits you could gain by using this valuable tool.

What is Screen Sharing?

Screen Sharing

Screen sharing has significantly improved in recent years. It is a software that allows people to connect with their laptops, mobile devices, and tablets for presentations, training, or tech support. This technology enables people to work from anywhere and have access to training, IT assistance, and the ability to be involved in projects.

A remote employee can attend and run presentations from their device of choice while in a home office or a coffee shop. Let’s take a look at six professions that can benefit from using screen sharing.

1] Accounting

Accountants can use screen sharing for remotely helping clients with taxes. They can go over tax forms and other issues with you to ensure that you are on the right track and save you a trip to their office. Accountants can also use screen sharing to go over retirement plans and budgets with their clients as well.

2] HR

Human resources departments can implement screen sharing for training purposes. It is also used to update employees of changes in policies and procedures within the company. This is beneficial for companies that have multiple locations.

3] Marketing and Advertising

Marketing representatives can benefit from using screen sharing to hold meetings with their marketing team, especially when they have employees in many different locations.

They can also use screen sharing for product demonstrations. Advertisers use screen sharing to reach potential clients and can provide full tutorials of the products and services they are trying to sell.

4] Health Care

Medical facilities use screen sharing for presentations, training purposes, and technical support. This works well for medical facilities that have multiple locations, saving time and travel expenses.

Patients can also benefit from connecting with their medical professional, allowing them to go over test results and other pertinent information concerning their health.

5] Education

Schools and universities can use screen sharing for online classes, on- and off-campus computer training. In-depth training for teachers and professors, such as continuing education courses, can be conducted through screen sharing as well. Grade schools can use screen sharing in classrooms to keep the attention of their students and ensure that they are on the same page.

6] IT

IT professionals can reduce the time spent commuting to a client’s place of business by using screen sharing. They can diagnose technical issues while observing the problems first hand. If the issue can be corrected through screen sharing and remote access, technical issues can be resolved more efficiently.

As you can see, businesses have an opportunity to utilize screen sharing in many different ways. For companies and individuals that wish to have remotely based employment, screen sharing helps make this a reality. This type of work will only grow as screen sharing capabilities continue to improve.

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