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Interview with Imran Uddin – Founder of All Tech Buzz

The First Interview of Just Web World. Today we have Imran Uddin with us. Imran Uddin is a ProBlogger & Entrepreneur. Imran runs a very successful blog All Tech Buzz which covers topics related to How to Blog Tips,Tech Tips and Tricks ,Making Money Online,SEO ,Software Solutions and much more about latest Technology. Apart from being a Pro Blogger, He is really a nice person having friendly nature. Every blogger should have friendly nature. In this Interview, He has shared important  information about his blog, Life and professional work.

Interview with Imran Uddin Founder of All Tech Buzz

Let’s learn from his experience and start the interview :-

1 > Can you tell us a little about yourself ?

Firstly,Thank you very much Harshil Barot for having me here. I feel honored.

My life is full of challenge ,experiments and more failures with a little success. Basically I am from a lower middle class family where my Mother was the head of my family and she is the only working women in my family.She worked very hard to get me well educated and to make me successful in my life.Due to my family issues I understood the value of being responsible and worked hard since my childhood either it might be my education or extra curricular activities.Since my childhood I knew that only getting good education and studying well can change my life.I was a good student from the beginning and was always top either it might be school or college.

Then after entering into my Engineering I realized that getting good aggregate and being topper doesn’t take me to level that I always dreamt of.Then I started developing some new and strange skills like Magic,Mind Reading ,Swimming, Hacking and Programming.To learn all these skills my main source of knowledge was Internet.So I realized the potential of internet and using my computer skills I thought of making few bucks online.Thats how I started AllTechBuzz. First it started with Blogspot then moved it to inexpensive .in domain then to establish it worldwide moved it to .You can read the complete domain redirection story here.

Then my blog has drawn a lot of attention of from geeks especially Teenagers and Youth.Then slowly I started making money from my blog and now I manage 10+ different blogs on various niche with a big network of bloggers.

2 > How did your Blogging journey started ?

By the ending of my Engineering first year I got too much interest in Computers.Then developed good skills in Hacking ,Web Designing and Programming.Then I thought that I can use these skills to make money online and solve all my financial issues. That’s how I got started with blogging.

3 > Every website has a back story behind it. Tell us story of What motivated you to to start it ?

I think the main success behind the success of All Tech Buzz goes to the uniqueness of the articles I write on my blog and the clear explanation I give with proper video tutorials.Whenever I write an article I make sure that even a Non Techy person should understand everything clearly and must share with his/her friends.

The basic motivation to start All Tech Buzz was to solve the basic computer related issues people facing while using internet and pc.

4 >Mention the Names of your favourite bloggers and blogs ?

My favourite bloggers list keep on increasing day by day.Currently my most favourite blogger/Entrepreneur is Neil Patel followed by Pete Cashmoore of Mashable,Amit Agarwal of Labnol and the list goes on..

5 > One reason for which anyone should consider blogging an income source ?

If you have got good knowledge of something then you can definitely make some profit out of it.Its not that easy to make money via blogging.

To make money via blogging you should either have some good skills or you must be under proper guidance.So if you have any of these then you can definitely consider blogging as a good source of income.Here blogging would not be the appropriate term lets say it Internet Marketing.

6 > Any special reason for your success in blogging ?

My Hard Work and dedication to learn new things and apply them with a proper strategy.

7 > How many hours do you dedicate to your blog daily ?

If you ask me how many hours I spend on All Tech Buzz daily then I cant answer this question because I have 10+ different blogs now and I also work as seo with many clients.The time I spend on All Tech Buzz varies but if you ask me how much time I work online then my answer is 10+ hours daily on average physically and 24 hours mentally(Here mentally I mean I always think of my online business and my future goals all the time ,no matter wherever I am.

8 > What’s the first reaction of people when you tell them you are a blogger ?

The first reaction I get from people when I say I am a blogger or internet marketer is “How much money do you make?”

And my answer will shut their mouth for a while and later they start asking me question related to blogging and how to get started.

9 > How do you see Guest Posting as a method of driving traffic ?

Honestly speaking guest posting doesn’t drive much traffic.If you guest post on some high authority blogs with awesome traffic then you can expect a four figure referral traffic but guest posting doesnt help much in referral traffic.

But when you talk about search engines point of view then yes guest posting with targeted anchor text will boost your rankings in search engines and drive more traffic to your blog.

10 > What is the blog’s monthly revenue ?

Well I release my income reports once in a while if there is something special to share.You can check few of my monthly income reports here which are a little old statistics.

Currently I make a four figure income and very close to five figure in $$(i.e I make between $XXXX – $XXXXX per month.

11 > What is the main revenue source of your blog ?

The main source of revenue comes form the services I offer and direct advertisers.I offer seo services on my blog.So I make some good deals with potential advertisers and make a decent income out of it.

12 > What are your future plans for Alltechbuzz ?

I am not sure about the future plans of All Tech Buzz because soon I am going to start an Advertising network.So I cant tell whats gonna happen on All Tech Buzz next but I had a dream of making it like Mashable or Techcrunch.But don’t know whether this idea will still remain or may change in future.

13 > Tell us a little about your Offline Life ?

After I entered into blogging and Internet Marketing I had to sacrifice my offline life a lot.I believe that the more time you spend on something the faster you can succeed in that particular field.So I spend most of the time infront of my laptop.I never took a break from my online work since I got started.

But I rarely hangout with friends and family on weekends .I try to avoid or skip functions and ceremonies as much as possible.But whenever I hangout with friends or family I choose some good place where I can eat a lot and have fun.

14 > What is the role of SEO in the success or failure of a Blog ?

In the initial stages of blogging I didn’t knew that there exists something called SEO.But that didnt stop me from getting traffic and ranking well on Google.Its all about how quality your work is and how much you care about your users.

But when I started working on SEO I not only drove more traffic to blog but also widened my ways to make money from my blog.So SEO plays a crucial role in the success of blogging(Especially in terms of Income.

15 > Any advice that you can give to the readers of my blog for their success ?

If you want to be successful in blogging then you must follow any of the two below points

Keep on improving your skills and gain more expertise in your skills. or
Take proper guidance or assistance from those people who are already successful with blogging and Internet Marketing.
It is highly recommended to follow the second tip because if you take proper guidance then you can make money from your blog starting from the day one.I assist many new budding bloggers and I am very happy to say that they are making decent money under my assistance.

That’s all friends .Thanks for reading my interview.Keep practising ,keep on learning new things.Keep calm and always be positive.

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