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9 Ways to Get More Shares on Facebook

Everybody loves Facebook because they give plenty of features. The Facebook start in 2004 and in a short time it becomes a best website in the world. yesterday my friends tell me how to get a more shares from Facebook. I Surf many websites for getting plenty of Shares on Facebook. so today i show you how to get lot’s of shares on Facebook.

Get More Shares on Facebook

Get More Shares On Facebook

The Simple Thing is Create a Post that Inspire People to Share your Content. People always Love to Share a Great Content. When a People see that post,they may share it. Here I Share a Some Tips for getting more Facebook Shares.

Ways For Getting More Shares

Use an eye-catching image


The Photo you want upload that want your friends laugh ,cry or inspire. Use a alternate Photos or Videos with your updates.

Keep It Short


The message you want to Post between 100 and 150 characters. see 60% more Likes, comments and shares than longer posts. The Short message improve your message and getting more shares.

Be Consistent

Post Regularly or Post 5 times a week so you’re “top of mind” for your Fans. Not Post Continuously they tired your friends.

Time it Right


The Time of your Post is depend on your business. The Time is money The best time to post will depend on the type of business you’re in.

Use your authentic voice


May be your voice become the Brand. People are your Fans and friends because they like what you do. Your voice on Facebook should be true to your brand.

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Be Relevant

Your content should let your audience know that you know who they are.

Write about timely topics with helpful tips and resources

When you write about current timely topics with the helpful tips and resources, then your post getting more shares.

Include a Call to action


If you ask your Fans to Share, Like or Comment, they are more likely to do it.

Be Entertaining and Be Educational

People like to share funny moments,arts,how to guide and tips. Must post a valuable things in the post. so your post always going up and get more shares on Facebook.

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Apply this all Technique that all are discussed above. you surely getting a no. of shares on Facebook. If you like this post please share it on Facebook.

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