What Are the Best Islands to Visit In Croatia?

The coast of Croatia is made up of many islands, each one a little piece of paradise in itself. This makes it a great place for sailors and beach fans alike. But there are more than a thousand places to pick from.

Croatia has an island that will speak to every traveler’s heart, whether they’re looking for the peace and quiet of secluded beaches, the lively beats of summer events, or the beauty of old maritime towns. To find the best islands to visit in Croatia, grab your sunscreen and get ready to fall in love with these hidden gems.

Best Islands to Visit In Croatia


Croatia’s most popular island vacation spot is Hvar Island, which is known for its fancy beach clubs, lively nightlife, and beautiful scenery. Rich and famous people love to hang out there.

There are expensive boats in the harbor and fancy shops all along the streets. But behind its flashy exterior, Hvar has a rich past that goes back to Greek and Roman times. Its well-preserved architecture and many cultural sites are proof of this.


Korčula is a cute island town with an amazing protected old town that is full of history and culture. It is often called “Little Dubrovnik.”

It’s possible to find secret squares, churches, and castles with terracotta roofs and balconies as you walk along the small streets with cobblestones. Visit the island’s lush woods, secluded beaches, and cute towns to get a real taste of Croatian kindness.


Brač is the biggest island in Dalmatia, and it has a lot to offer tourists in terms of natural beauty, history, and activities. One of Croatia’s most famous beaches is there: Zlatni Rat, also called the Golden Horn, is a sandy spit that goes out into the blue water.

People who like to take risks can go camping in Brač and climb Vidova Gora, which is the highest hill in the Adriatic. People who are interested in history can visit places like the Zmajeva Spilja (Dragon’s Cave) and old towns like Pučišća.


The Island of Vis is the perfect island for people who want to get away from it all and relax. It has clear waters, quiet bays, and cute fishing towns. During the time of Yugoslavia, it was a closed military zone.

Since then, it has become a peaceful haven with untouched nature and a slow pace of life. Vis is popular with tourists who want to get a real feel for Croatia. You can explore its secret coves and caves, eat fresh seafood caught by local fishermen, or just relax and enjoy the island’s laid-back vibe.

For the ultimate luxury experience, consider a Croatia yacht charter, which gives you the freedom to hop between these enchanting islands at your own pace. It’s a bespoke journey on crystal waters, offering unparalleled access to Croatia’s hidden coves and exclusive coastal spots.

Embark on Best Islands to Visit in Croatia

Looking for a serene getaway or an epic sea adventure? The best islands to visit in Croatia await your discovery. Each island has its own unique trip that will captivate your senses and make memories that you will never forget.

So, set sail for Croatia’s beautiful coastlines and let these Adriatic gems add to your trip stories. It doesn’t matter if you’re interested in the beautiful architecture of Korčula or any of the other islands in Croatia.

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