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Must-See Sites: The 8 Best Sites To Buy YouTube Views And Likes

YouTube marketing can be difficult, but the right strategies can take your channel to the next level and gain popularity. Many newbies find it hard to navigate around YouTube, especially because gaining YouTube likes and views can be hard. YouTube requires a lot of patience, good content creation, and quality to make it on the site.

Social media promotion sites have thus come up with a solution to help YouTube creators to grow their accounts by buying YouTube likes and views at cheap prices. Most of these sites sell real traffic, while others sell bot traffic. It is, however, important to note that some social media promotion sites are real while others are fake. Buyers should do a thorough background check before purchasing from just any social media promotion service provider.

Best Sites To Buy YouTube Views

We have thus come up with the best eight social media promotion sites to buy YouTube likes and views., the promotion service provider, offers a variety of services, and one of those services is YouTube views and likes. They allow YouTube creators to buy views and likes at affordable pricing. It is to be noted that they have a 5/5 rating online. Many of their reviews are positive, which makes them to be a trustworthy site.

Their UX/UI design is also good, with an easy-to-use dashboard that makes placing orders and navigation easy. They have the option to let you register before placing any order. This helps to ensure that the privacy and security of the user’s information are protected. Their

prices are as follows 1000 views-5$ and 1000 likes-4.20$. is also a good place to promote your YouTube channel. It has an HTTPS link which makes it very trustworthy among customers. They have an option of multiple orders of services with a refill of orders which take 24 hours to arrive.

They have received a rating of 4.7/5 online, which is a good rating. They also have a policy where you must register and add funds to your account through various payment options such as PayPal, Master cards, and Visa cards before making any orders. They guarantee fast delivery of orders, but they do not allow refund of money for canceled orders. Their prices for services ordered are as follows; 1000 views-6$ and 1000 likes-25$.

This is the best buy site for YouTube likes and views. They have a policy where you register by filling in your valid email and password. Once logged in, you can watch other users’ videos on the site and earn coupons. The accumulated coupons can then be used to place orders.

It is to be noted that they allow refunds of money to customers for cancelled orders, which should be filed within 72 hours after placing the order. There are also many positive reviews from customers about the site, which makes the site to be termed legit. Their pricing list for 1000 orders per service is 1.62$ for 1000 likes and 19.20$ for 1000 views.

This promotion site allows YouTube creators to buy cheap YouTube likes and views. The site is simple to use, and the website’s design is user-friendly.

It has received a rating of 4.6/5 online, mainly based on many positive reviews and the good functionality and design of the website. On the website, you can place your order and pay through various payment methods, including Visa and Master cards, and you can also track your orders. The pricing for this site is 3.50$ for likes and 5.00$ for views.

This site provides users with an opportunity to buy likes and views. They usually sell real likes and views, so you are assured that your account will be 100% safe. They only require your email and password during signing up.

Many customers have stated that the site has good services and their customer support team is good. Their prices range from 8.00$ per 1000 views and 3.24$ per 1000 likes.


This site sells high-quality likes and views at low prices. Their services ensure that you get the best services within the shortest time possible, and you are assured that the orders will reflect in your channel by the end of the day.

They have a rating of 4.5/5 based on ratings of 300+ reviews about the website. They have been stated to have a good reputation since they offer refunds for canceled orders. They also have a 24/7 customer support team that ensures customers get the best experience. The prices for this site vary based on the number of orders you want to place. For example, 1000 likes cost 20$ and 1000 views cost 3.60$.


Turbo. Media is a good site to grow your YouTube channel since you can buy likes and views of any amount and at any time, and the results are instant. They have a quick delivery of services, and the services are of high quality. They mostly sell real traffic, and you can pick different packages, such as premium or SEO.

They have an overall rating of 4.86/5 based on customers reviews and experience when using the site. Their prices are also quite friendly and range from 20$ for 1000 views to 20$ for 200 likes.


SocialWick is one of the biggest social media promotion sites. Their large number of customers is mostly attributed to their good customer service and friendly prices. They have very fast delivery services, and they provide a refill of orders, and customers can choose the number of orders they want.

They have 24/7 customer support, so you are assured that everything will go according to their customer agreement. SocialWick registration is quite easy, and you can place your orders after adding funds to your account through Visa, PayPal, and debit cards. Their prices are 1000 likes for 11.99$ and 1000 views for 8$.


The above sites have been proven legit and have more customer ratings online than other sites. This makes them the best place to buy YouTube likes and views at low prices. They all sell real traffic, guaranteeing you 100% YouTube channel safety. You can order services from these sites to grow your YouTube channel.

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