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7 Gift Ideas to Get Someone In Their 20s

If you have a 20-something-year-old you want to shop for, it can be hard to decide what to get them. Many people in their 20s are either in school or barely entering their career field. They are likely getting out on their own for the first time. This guide can help you find the perfect gift for the young adult in your life.

Gift Ideas to Get Someone

Weekend party supplies

If you know someone who loves to party on the weekend, you can always get them something to help make their next weekend extra fun. You can opt to get them their favorite wine or craft beer. Or you could get new glasses to go on their beer cart.

If they are more of a smoker, they might appreciate a bong mystery box instead.

Small kitchen appliances

Small kitchen appliances such as a blender, air fryer, or panini press will likely help young professionals elevate their kitchens. Plus, they will probably want to cook at home and try out new recipes to use your gift.


Small electronics can be a lifesaver for a young student or professional. Wireless headphones will be a product they are sure to use every day. If they already have headphones, you could opt for a Bluetooth speaker or wireless charger instead.

Accessories for their electronics, such as a new phone case or charger, are also great gifts.

Self-care items

Making time for yourself is the perfect gift for everyone. Help your loved one give themself some pampering by giving the gift of a bath bomb, shower steamer, or face mask that is perfect for a self-care night. Create a self-care basket full of some of their favorite snacks and relaxing activities so that they can enjoy a night to themselves.

If you want a gift that can last longer than a night, consider gifting them new slippers or a comfortable robe they can lounge in at home.

New clothing

New clothes are always a great gift. Once you get into your 20s, new socks or other clothing items become a wonderful gift. A black hoodie is a perfect staple that someone can wear often to stay warm and comfortable. You could opt for a gift card so they can get clothes in their style and size.

Something to read

Reading is a great hobby to pick up that can help you learn and become better. A book or subscription to a journal or newsletter can be a perfect gift for a young adult. Ask them if there is anything they have wanted to read or pick something they might like based on their interests.


Someone in their 20s would probably love a new planner to keep track of their busy schedule. They would also appreciate a journal or nice notebook they can write in. If you want to elevate the gift even more, add fun pens and stickers to help them customize the pages to their style.

Before you go

If you want to give a gift to someone in their 20s, these seven ideas can be a perfect place to start. Go with your gut and find something that fits their personality and interests.

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