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Best Valve Index Accessories


Created by the VR pioneers and gaming industry experts, the Valve Index headset represents a high-end product that stands out from the competition by many factors. The things that highlight this headset are the great resolution and field of view that is accompanied by the best controllers on the market.

Being user friendly and very comfortable, this headset is perfect for hard VR gamers, professionals that are using VR for their work, or just regular Joes that have a passion for VR and don’t have any budget issues.

Best Valve Index Accessories

Yes, one of the downsides of this headset, at least by our opinion, is the pricing of $999 USD. Even for the VR standards, it’s quite expensive, especially if you take into consideration that you can purchase Oculus Rift for $399 USD, and HTC Vive for $499 USD; but to be quite honest, with Valve Index you are purchasing a top of the line headset.


Being a relatively ‘fresh’ product on the market, Index headset doesn’t have a large variety of the accessories available, but we can definitely expect things to turn around in no time since VR is gaining huge popularity worldwide.

Now, we have several exciting accessories that can help you make the most out of the Valve Index headset and enhance your VR experience.

1] VR Cover for Valve Index

The smartest thing to do when spending a lot of money on VR headset is to make a little extra investment in protecting it, so it’s highly recommended to order a washable cotton VR Cover for your Valve Index headset. This item is basically an essential accessory since the face gasket is hard to clean and sweating is inevitable.

Probably the greatest thing about VR Cover is that for $22 USD you get a set of two covers, so while washing one you can still enjoy your VR experience.

In addition to the covers, you also get five alcohol-free wipes that you can use on your headset and controllers, perfect for keeping your hygiene up to the top without irritating your skin.

Overall, covers are made out of high-quality elastic fabric that fits perfectly on the face gasket and is easy to install. Definitely a must-have item especially if your headset is being shared.

2] KIWI design VR Cable Management

Jumping to virtual reality is a unique experience, you get a real feeling of being in some other place, but in fact, while you are having fun you are physically still in your room surrounded by the cables.

It’s quite easy to trip or tangle over them, and that’s something that’s ruining the experience. Luckily KIWI design VR cable management is solving the problem.

This pulley system just gets the job done by expanding the movement play area. The cables are not all around the place, they won’t get stuck under your legs so you won’t have cable tug issues that are a huge downer in the VR headset usage.

Key features of this accessory are silent unibody design, cable length adjuster, and two-way installation option that allow you to make permanent or not installation adjusted to your type of the ceiling.

Package includes 6 pcs of VR cable management system, 7 pcs of ceiling screw hooks, 8 pcs of adhesive hooks, 1 Allen wrench, 1 ring hook, and a user guide. Price may vary from $30 USD up to $40 USD, depending on the retailer and seasonal deals.

3] AMVR VR Stand

Storing your headset and controllers properly is just a logical thing to do, by leaving it at random places you are just provoking unnecessary damage to it.

Keeping in mind how expensive the whole set is, investing in a solid stand is just a logical thing to do. AMVR VR stand is not just a stand; it’s a stylish and secure home to your VR set that looks good.

The stand is made from a sturdy ABS non-toxic plastic and it’s easy to assemble with only four steps in the process. With a wide stance, low center of gravity, regardless of being lightweight with 1.1. pounds, the stand is very stable and safe.

If you have worries that the stand will damage the lenses, since that was the case with some of them, you can relax because there are a solid inch and a half gap from the stand to the lenses.

The average price for AMVR VR Stand goes around $23 USD, and even though we could see an improvement with the implementation of the cable holder, it’s still a great purchase.


VR set is an expensive and fragile piece of technology that needs additional accessories for safety reasons and for the purpose of having a better experience. Some of them enhance your virtual reality experience at such a level that having them is a must.

Usually, accessories or additional equipment are basically an upsell, a clever move by the seller that makes them extra profits, but that’s not the case especially if you have a high-end headset like Valve Index. Investing in accessories is highly recommendable since they bring high value for the money spent.

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