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PDF Burger – Easiest way to combine and convert PDFs online

Working on a presentation or an assignment often calls for working with information in different file formats. You may have to prepare your work on Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, and images or even use PowerPoint.

Working with different file formats ensures that you get the most out of your work, since the different programs aim to perform different tasks. However, the problem arises when you need to make the final presentation, assignment or report. It is not professional to present various files. This will redact from the quality of your presentation. It may also result in a lot of information being lost in the process. Your presentation will not have the same impact if you present information in separate documents.

PDF Burger combine convert PDFs online

So how can you combine the Information and have it presented in a single PDF file for easy sharing of information? Most people opt for copying and pasting the information into a single document and then converting this into a PDF file. The problem with this is that you lose a lot of the formatting along the way. You will have to spend a lot of time in formatting and editing the final document before converting it. This is not only tedious, but also time consuming.

Convert PDFs Online Via PDFBurger

Docs.Zone offers a simple and effective way to combine and convert your files into a single PDF document. The online converter is emerging as one of the leading converters available on the Internet today. It is reputable for being able to transfer information in a logical way from PDF to editable formats such as Excel and Word. It offers preservation of the integrity and formatting of your information throughout the transfer process.

PDF Burger combine convert PDFs online

However, conversion of PDF files to editable formats in a logical way is not the only thing that is making PDF Burger so popular. The website offers the unique option of combining files of different formats into a single PDF file. The transfer of the information is logically done, so you do not have to worry about losing formats or the integrity of the report.

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You would think that this function would Involve a complex process. The makers of Docs.Zone have made it quite simple for users:

1) Log onto your account on the website. You can only use the website’s functions if you have an account. You will therefore need to register for one if you do not already have one. The process is simple and fast.

2) Click on ‘Combine files to PDF’ tab. This will enable you to combine any number of files in any format to a single PDF file.

3) Click on ‘Select files…’ and navigate to the folder containing all the files you want to combine. Drag and drop them in the sequence that you would like the information to appear in the final document.

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4) Click on ‘Start’ to begin the combining and conversion process. The process takes a few minutes for simple files.

5) Click on ‘Download’ when the conversion is complete. The final file will download directly to the location you select on your disk.
The process is as simple as that.

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