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Top Tools Men Must Have In Their Home Toolbox

To maintain the world in which we live people often use different kind of mechanical tools. Especially a younger man must own some of the important things in his home toolbox which enhance the certainty in his life.

Portable Home Tool Boxes

Before going to buy these tools you need to understand following things;

  • Certified company’s tools.
  • Well water proved and electric resistance equipments.
  • Comfortable to hold in hand during work.
  • Light weight tools
  • Cost effective if we compare with quality.
  • Portable

If above criteria has been set then you can buy the tools for any kind of mechanism, like; bike fixing, fan repairing, bed shifting etc. Now most considerable questions come in the mind is what are those tools men must have in their home toolbox? If you are also thinking like this besides the power tools you can go through the following list.

1) Tape Measure:

Proper measurement is very important for any types of home repairing task. During painting, drafting or any kind of interior work it’s very necessarily tool for proper measurement. This is kind of metal measuring tape you can extend and lock it again. Standard size of this tape is 25” inches you can buy to measure height, width or area very easily.

2) Phillips Screwdriver:

Screwdriver is called as Phillips screwdriver because it has been invented by Henry Phillips. You can see this tool in the shape of cross X which is used to tight any of the material and blades. You can find these tools in a variety of size, types and designs.

3) Flathead Screwdriver:

This is mainly used for fix switch board and other electrical board available in home. Flathead screwdriver are available in various size depend upon work and your requirements.

4) Pipe Wrench:

This tool is used as spanner and helpful to turning iron pipes with a rounded surface. You can get different nuts and bolts as per your requirements you can change. It is having 30 to 55 wrenches in one Pipe Wrench but very adjustable in changing the width.

5) Hammer:


Hammer is all rounder tool in tool box because it can handle work like pounding nails, pulling nails, crowbar action and tapping. These all thing cannot be possible without hammer. One thing you need to remember that is very heavy in weight but can handle lots of repairing work but you can also go through the light weight hammer may be little expensive.

6) Utility Knife:

As per my concern it is the most important tool should be in the home toolbox of men. Utility knife is used for scraping dry glues, paste and spackle and paints and for spreading putty that’s the reason it is also known as putty knife. Having it will be used in various way and make your task more easy.

7) Power Drill:

Power Drills

This tool is mainly used for drill work like creating hole on wall or anywhere else. Power drill is less noisy but helps you to handle larger project very easily and comfortably. Due to it’s normal size you can carry it to anywhere.

8) Crosscut Saw:

If you love gardening or crafting you must put this tool in your home toolbox. This tool is used to trim branches, cutting lumber or any kind of wood materials. It may be small or large in size as per your need and portability syndromes.

While you are going to pushing you should be closed end and if you are going to pulling you should be open end. No this is not a line but a guideline while using the tools available in your home toolbox. Apart from all the above mentioned tools a man must have variety of pliers, grips and channel locks in his toolkit box.

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