Stop Thinking About What Others Might Think When You Present Ideas

The last thing you want when you present new ideas is to think about what other people might feel about your speech or presentation. You don’t want it to bother you right now as you begin to talk or deliver your ideas.

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You have enough time to deal with the comments and judgements once your presentation is over. For now, you need to focus on what you can do to convince the listeners to buy your ideas. It’s not easy, but you can succeed by focusing hard.

1] Be in the moment

One of the reasons why people stutter or get mentally blocked during the delivery of their presentation is that they’re only physically present, but their minds are floating everywhere.

You don’t want to feel this way as you start to talk. You need to focus on the moment and feel each word that you say. It doesn’t help to think about what you’re going to say on the next slide. Don’t allow anything to distract you from your presentation.

2] Not everyone’s voice matters

As you start your presentation, you need to know who will judge what you’re going to say. If you’re pitching to investors, you need to focus on how to win their hearts.

Forget about another employee in the room who hates you since that person’s opinion won’t matter in this regard. Pay attention to those who are crucial to the success of your endeavour.

3] You won’t have a perfect presentation

You keep worrying that people will laugh at you or find a mistake in your ideas. It doesn’t help if you think this way. You will never have a perfect presentation.

Business Presentation

Even your entire business proposal or marketing plan will undergo several changes before full implementation. Therefore, if you keep thinking about how you could make the presentation perfect, it is a futile effort.

4] Don’t look at it as a battle

When you worry about others, it means that you think of it as a competition or a battle. You need to win over someone, or you need to disprove another person. It’s not the best way to approach the problem.

You need to consider it a friendly conversation with a friend. You have different ideas, and you’re willing to share them. In the process, you need to be open to suggestions and acknowledge that not everything is perfect.

5] Prepare your presentation

Instead of thinking about how everyone will view your presentation, you need to focus on what you will say and forget everything else. Leave your personal problems at home and set aside your grudges towards fellow employees.

Arrive early at the venue and check all the items you need to present. When you need to use slides, check if there’s a projector ceiling mount and make sure the projector is working well. Once the place is ready, you can relax and wait until everyone arrives. Be in a positive mood and hope for the best.

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