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Types of Sports Games in English With Pictures

List Of Sports: Names Of Sports In English With Pictures

Types of Sports Games in English

Sports are physical activities that are governed by a set of rules or customs and often engaged in competitively. Sports are typically categorized as either individual or team sports. Here we have listed 6 different types of sports for you.


India is the home of the game of chess, which was created in India. Two players can compete in a game of chess, with the winner being determined by their level of intelligence. The term “Chaturanga,” which is documented in ancient writings, was the name given to chess in antiquity.


A square board with 64 red and black boxes serves as the playing surface for the game of chess. Chess is played using a variety of pieces, primarily elephant, horse, king, camel, wazir, and others.

Chess is a game that makes the most of your mental power, and as a result, it is significant for brain growth. One theory holds that the Mohenjo-Daro site of the Indus Valley Civilization is where the first game of chess was ever found. Chess games can typically be completed in anywhere between one minute and six hours. Chess games have 5949 possible moves.

India’s Viswanathan Anand, who has won numerous championships to date, is regarded as the game’s greatest player. On June 9th, 1970, the first chess match between our planet and space resulted in a tie. A study found that by 2012, around 700 million people worldwide have mastered the game of chess. India commemorates “World Chess Day” on July 20 each year. The Norwegian Magnus Carlsen is the reigning chess world champion. People of all ages have a strong affinity for playing the game of chess.


Two teams compete in basketball games. There are two teams, each with five players. James Naismith invented basketball in 1891. The basketball court is square-shaped. It comprises two pillars that are placed face to face.


which has two courts made of wood that are 10 feet high. It has a net basket on top of it. The ball in basketball is large. It needs to be placed in the court’s netting basket. The other team’s job is to prevent him from doing this.

Basketball is a popular sport in India, especially at the national level.
A foul is committed when a player pushes another player inadvertently or with the aim to steal the ball. A sport played indoors is basketball. Although playing it is quite taxing on the body, it is very healthy.

Four 10- or 12-minute halves make up an international game (NBA). When a basketball is placed in the basket, one point is given. The winning team is the one with the most points.

A basketball measures from 74.9 to 76.2 cm in circumference and weighs between 567 and 624 grams. Basketball is the state sport of Rajasthan; it was designated as such in 1948. The basketball squad consists of 12 individuals, five of whom play on the court while the other two have the chance to participate under unique circumstances.

The Federation of India (BFI) organization oversees basketball competitions in India. The player can only hold the basketball for five seconds at a time, so in order to score, the players must trade basketballs.


In the middle of the 19th century, England hosted the first football match. Two teams compete in the outdoor sport of football. Both sides have 11–11 players total. A football is a large, air-filled ball.


It is exclusively played using the feet. During the game, it is forbidden to touch it. A sizable football field is available. On both sides, it features a mesh (round) cabin. wherein the game of football must be played.

A football game lasts 90 minutes total, with a 45-minute differential. to allow the athletes to rest. The goalkeeper must use the assistance of other players to score a goal inside a burning cabin while kicking the football with his feet and defending it from the opposing team. A referee who puts the city in his mouth during a football game.

He keeps providing the player with directions. The player is penalized for breaking the rules. which is bad for the team. In football, the team with the most goals wins, and the player with the most goals is referred to be the game’s MVP.

The greatest teams in the world compete in the FIFA World Cup, the biggest football competition, which is held every four years. Five World Cups have been organized thus far. Only the goalkeeper in a football game is able to place the ball inside the goalpost; the other players are unable to do so. To move the football, they might use any part of their bodies other than their hands. The sport of football is so well-known. This is performed by both men and women.

A football player is only permitted to wear the uniform, socks, and shoes of their team during a game. Nothing further is provided for safety because safety equipment can damage other players. The pitch for a match is between 100 and 110 meters long, or 110 and 120 yards. The breadth is 70–80 yards, or 64–75 meters, at the same time.

It can range from 45 to 91 meters in width and 91 to 120 meters in length for non-international games. In a football game, the lineup of players is constantly changing. Football players suffer injuries in the same way as a cricket player does during a match. Another player is offered the opportunity to play in their place.

Martial Art

The term “martial art” refers to martial arts that teach you how to defend yourself from physical harm as well as that of others. It is regarded as both a science and an art, and it is the practice of self-defense. Exercise is an art.

Martial Art

Which among India’s top ten martial arts?

  • Kalaripayattu
  • Silambam
  • Thang-ta
  • Sarit Sarak
  • Thoda
  • Gatka
  • Lathi
  • Imbun Wrestling
  • Kuttu Varisai
  • Mushtiyudh
  • Pari-Khanda

are a few of the best martial arts practiced in India.
What varieties of martial arts are there?
There are many different martial art styles, some of which are traditional and others of which are modern.

Six categories are used to categorize martial arts

striking or upright martial arts techniques:
The martial arts that are included in it include boxing, capoeda, karate, kickboxing, Krav mega, kung fu, and taekwondo, among others. You’ve probably heard of some of these.

Grappling or ground combat techniques:
Its upcoming martial arts include grabbing wrestling, jujitsu, lutaliware, Russian sambo, wrestling, sumo, and others that you are surely familiar with.

Takedown and Throwing Techniques:
This includes disciplines like Judo, Shuaijio, and Aikido, with which you should be familiar with Judo.

Styles Based on Weapons:
There are three arts in this: Kali is the first, Iyado is the second, and Kendo is the third.

Low-key and contemplative styles:
Tai Chi O, Baguazang, and Chi-Gong are examples of the arts.

Mixed Fighting Techniques:
It includes cutting-edge martial arts such jit kun do, suit fighting, and ninjutsu.

What advantages do martial arts training offer?
Your confidence will rise as a result of this. Martial arts will help you feel less stressed and keep a positive attitude. Enhances physical endurance Martial gives you full-body erotic training that will improve your body’s endurance, strength, flexibility, and balance as well as give you the ability to weigh your body. As you practice regularly, your concentration will improve. To master martial arts, you will need to be completely focused.
You will also become more disciplined.


Sports involving different physical activities, such as walking, jumping, running, and throwing, are together referred to as athletics. Athletics offers a wide variety of competitions, with the sprint, long jump, triple jump, relay race, and throwing competitions standing out. Every athletic competition is unique in many ways.


The fact that track and field competitions don’t require expensive equipment makes it one of the most popular sports played worldwide. In athletics, individual performances are typically added to individual player or team performances. Since the beginning of the Olympic Games in 1896, it has been a component of them.

The International Association of Athletics Federations is in charge of organizing international sports tournaments. Few people are aware of the fact that the word “athletics” has slightly varied meanings around the world. It is often used to refer to sports in general in North America. In the US and Canada, the phrase “track and field” is frequently used to refer to the majority of sporting events.

Anyway, let’s go into the specifics of the many sports events, or the different types of athletics events, and let’s see how each athletics event differs from the others. Track and field, road running, cross-country running, and race walking are the most popular categories in sports competitions. Skills like running, jumping, and throwing are included in the events categorized as track and field events.

Track and field events are ones that include throwing and jumping on a field or running track. Track events, field events, and combined events are the three main divisions of track and field competitions. Jump and throw are the two different categories of field events.

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