How to Score 90+ In Maths Class 12 Board Exam

Mathematics has always been a difficult subject to ace for every student. This stress becomes even more empowering when we talk about Class 12 Maths. Maths is a subject that cannot be mugged but only solved through a clear understanding of concepts.

How To Score More Than 90 In Maths For CBSE Class 12 Board Exam?

How to Score Above 90 in Math Class 12 CBSE

There are formulas, theorems, their correct correct application that you need to take care of in every topic. Hence your concept clarity mixed with ample practice will help you score good.

Here are some effective strategies you need to follow to score 90+ in Maths Class 12 Board Exam.

Understand Concepts to Score 90+ in Maths Class 12

Mathematics is a subject that does not let you score if you are only used to mugging. Understanding concepts is the only way to crack this subject. You will not get ditto questions from the textbook in the examination, but the questions will be formulated to test your understanding of the subject.

You need to get hold of fundamentals and formulas. Only after understanding these clearly, can you do away with mugging multiple questions. So by make use of the limited concepts, you can solve a bunch of questions.

Prepare from NCERT Textbooks to Score 90+ in Maths Class 12

Students use supplementary books as references, which is excellent, but that does not mean you can ignore your NCERT textbooks. As they are recommended by CBSE, they cover the entire exam syllabus which is updated as per the latest revision. Before starting with supplementary books, finish a chapter from the NCERT textbooks, which is the stepping stone to do well in board examinations.

To make your practice more effective, here are the NCERT Maths Solutions for Class 12 provided by Snapsolve. You can also easily find NCERT Solutions of other subjects here.

Moreover, Snapsolve app is a one stop solution to your board exam preparation. By using Snapsolve app, you can clear all your PCMB Doubts in a flash. Click and uplaod a picture of your PCMB doubt and you will instantly get the step by step solution.

Practice Sample Papers and Previous Year Papers

Examiners repeat questions from a few previous years’ question papers, which is why you just cannot skip solving those papers thoroughly. Ensure to set a timer when you start answering the question papers, which will help you improve your examination time management and speed to finish answers.

SnapSolve also offers previous year question papers and solutions. Not just that, you will also find many Sample Papers that you can solve and practice.

Don’t just answer the sample question papers, but also evaluate them yourself. This will help you understand your weak areas where you need to work more.

Do not feel bad about the mistakes you make, but learn to improve them. While checking the papers, do not try to score yourself higher by ignoring the errors, but act as a proper examiner and rate the paper fair.

Practice Neat Presentation to Score 90+ in Maths Class 12

A correct answer is not the only key to score full marks, a correct answer presented with the right solution is. So give importance to the way you present the solutions. You need to maintain neat handwriting and avoid scribbling or crossing off anything.

If you will do some rough work, pull a line on the side of the page bottom and address it as a rough area. If you have made a mistake, then strike the complete line off and start from below. Do not try to correct errors by overwriting on them. Remember to leave some space between two questions. Also, start the new section from a fresh page.

Understand the Marking System

This point is probably the most important one. It may seem obvious for some, but many actually do not realize this. The CBSE marking system for mathematics is actually made in a fair manner. You are mistaken if you think that just deducing the correct answers will gain you a full score in a question.

The solution to each maths question is solved in various steps, and every critical step will help you score some marks. For example, you have been asked to prove a theorem, even steps like ‘Given’ and ‘Hence Proved’ carry marks, so you should refer to CBSE Maths Solutions to understand how each solution scored.

Time Management

The preparation strategy should not just focus on the syllabus. You may know the entire subject thoroughly, but if you fail in managing time, you may be unable to score high. Plan beforehand how you will split the three hours examination time between different sections.

Spend enough time reading the questions so that you make no mistakes there or miss any questions. Also, time should be divided such that you have 15-20 minutes in the examination end to revisit your answers.

The Bottom Line

When you have a set preparation strategy, the same amount of hard work will yield better results. This is why take a pause and revisit your preparation techniques to ensure that you are working in the right direction to score better in the 12th standard CBSE board examination.

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