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How to Rebuild Trust In a Relationship After Breakup

No matter how strong a relationship is, it will go through the tough tribulations at some point of time. Umm…Yes, we can definitely work out on most of the situations. But when it is about losing trust in your partner, then it is the time to re-evaluate your relationship. Asking yourself that why you are feeling this way or how to rebuild trust in a relationship after break up. Because of most of the times your gut is actually saying something important to you.

How to Rebuild Trust In a Relationship Again

How to rebuild trust in a relationship after lying

Before starting to write this article, I thought to share a brief story about my love life where I shared fairly in a relationship but soon lost trust in my partner. YES. He was unfaithful to me and even hid some of the incidents in his life. But, all thanks to my keen sense which helped me in knowing that something wasn’t right. No matter for how long you have been into a relationship, issues will always going to pop up, but losing trust over your partner won’t work at all. And, I moved on.

It is really important to have a perfect communication between the couples during the times like these. You might not know that how your partner will actually react but you don’t have to be afraid of expressing your feelings. You both have to fulfill your responsibilities for bringing the openness and honesty in your relationship because one-sided won’t work. Yes, sometimes infidelity does happen in a relationship, but having a continuous suspicion on your partner is unhealthy.

There are innumerable couples who overcome the issue of infidelity in their relationship and you can as well, but do you know how to rebuild trust in a relationship? Today, I am here with few ways which can help in rebuilding trust in a relationship. I do hope these can help you guys as well.

Rebuilding Trust in a Relationship after Lies

  • Just avoid denying about your mistakes to your partner and coming out completely clean. If you will continue to deny about your mistakes which actually broke your partner’s trust, then it will lead to more distrust. Truth has been out already and you just have to take the responsibility for your actions. Yes, a detailed truth can make the things worse but couples must spend the time to talk over the matter so as to correct the misconduct.
  • You just need to stop lying and tell the truth to your partner. Yes, it might not be a pleasant one, yet you will gain the trust of the person. You just have to show people your moral strength even during the tough times. You just have to be the person who you are and let your partner be the same, which is the key to trust each other.
  • Avoid being casual, defensive and righteous about your misconduct. This won’t work well. While working out on the issues, you just need to show your sincere efforts otherwise the wall of trust which has been broken won’t be able to build again. If you will be angry while listening to your partner, you won’t be able to hear and understand the things properly which will actually worse the situation.
  • The foundation of trust erodes with time and thus you have to do what you actually say. You just need to keep your eyes on all the small things which are important. If you would just cancel or fail to turn up for the simple tasks, then it would just affect the trust of the other person over you.
  • If you really want to prevent any further infractions, then you need to talk about what actually made you do the misconduct with your partner. For rebuilding trust in a relationship and connecting with your partner again, you need to talk about your feelings and get the help.
  • You just have to adjust your expectations. You build trust in a relationship over time by spending time with each other, building authenticity, knowledge, and understanding. With time, you will be able to gain the insights of the other person’s strengths, weaknesses, fears, needs, character, and motivations.
  • If you have lived your underground life of secrecy but want to rebuild trust in your relationship, then you need to be an open book. You might feel entitled to the privacy, but you have to think that what is really important for you. Is it your privacy or relationship? You really have to come up with an answer to this.
  • Losing trust is a painful experience and it is really important to understand the feelings of your partner for rebuilding trust in a relationship after infidelity. You just need to understand your partner’s point of view, feelings and emotions. If you will be able to understand those feelings, then it will help your partner in moving away from all the negative feelings and thoughts. It will considerably help in rebuilding trust.

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  • I would use two words here ‘flourish’ and ‘flounder’. You people might be thinking that why I used these words, what is their use and how these words are associated with a relationship. When two people trust each other to be consistent, honest, respectful, open to resolving the conflicts and faithful, a relationship FLOURISHES. And when the trust gets broken, a relationship FLOUNDERS. Rebuilding trust in a romantic relationship depends on the situation and yes, it does take significant inner work not just on one partner, but on the both.
  • Obviously, rebuilding trust in a relationship takes time and patience. And you just have to be comforting, dependable, responsive and consistent during the process. If you decide to rebuild trust in a relationship, then your lifestyle would actually change. It is really valuable to keep your relationship open and clean.

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You can try polygraph test, It is also known as a lie detector test, is a psychological assessment tool used to measure and record physiological responses of an individual while they are being asked a series of questions. The test is based on the assumption that when a person lies, there are certain physiological changes that can be detected.

We break the trust of other people, but we actually lose the most precious thing and pay the ultimate price. So, think before breaking the trust of your loved ones and if you did, then do think of rebuilding romantic relationship as soon as possible.

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