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Wet Basement Repair Toronto (Basement Waterproofing)

Since most foundation cracks are concrete, homeowners don’t expect to find cracks on them. However, this is something that is likely to happen for most home properties. The foundation is like the pillar of the house; having cracks on its walls can result in a hazard such as collapsing the whole structure. Wet basement repair Toronto is important to control cracked foundation walls.

Cracks on the foundation walls cause structural instability, which could result in a catastrophe in the long run. Homeowners often wonder how the foundation walls even get cracks in the first place. The following is a discussion on wet basement repair Toronto and more on foundation cracks.

Wet Basement Waterproofing Toronto

Cracks That Make Basement Repair Necessary

Homeowners rarely notice that their foundation walls have developed cracks until they go to their basements and realize a musty smell is coming out of them.

Inspecting the basement carefully will reveal mold growth in the area near the developed cracks on the foundation walls.

The cracks are the most common cause of water leakage into the basement, and the best solution is to carry out wet basement repair Toronto. Here are some of the common causes of foundation walls cracks

Saturated Soil Under The House

If the soil on the ground below your house is very saturated from the rainy season, it may compress. This may cause the foundation footing to settle unevenly on the ground, resulting in foundation cracks.

Concrete Contraction

Concrete usually contains a lot of water. The water is meant to evaporate as the concrete sets. If the initial concrete mixture is of a different concentration, the concrete may contract more than it is required to, resulting in the development of cracks in the foundation walls.

Drought Conditions

Not only too much water can cause cracking, but less water than required. Concrete soil contracts when it dries up, which results in cracking.  Too much drying up of the concrete makes the foundation walls move outwards, which may result in major cracks.

Contractor Error

Human beings are prone to errors, unlike machines. The contractor may cause an error even unintentionally.

This includes situations where the builder uses up all the concrete before finishing the foundation pour. By the time the builder gets another concrete pour, the first has already been set. In these cases, the second pour will not bind in with the first, and this causes a crack formation on the area where the two sets separate.

It does not matter what the cause of foundation wall cracks is; they all need to be attended to before they become a catastrophe. Wet basement repair is the most appropriate way to prevent future foundation wall cracks.

Reasons You Should Not Fix Foundation Walls Cracks Yourself

There is a reason why there are professionals in different fields. One person can only be perfect in some things, which applies to fixing foundation cracks. You should definitely allow the professional to fix it unless you are personally one. Here are the reasons why.

To Save Time

If you don’t have enough experience to fix the foundation cracks, you will definitely spend a lot of time just trying to figure things out.

You may need to complete all the steps to avoid repeating the process, which is very time-consuming.

You should leave the professional to do the fixing because they are well experienced and will definitely do it adequately and fast rather than wasting time doing it yourself and risking coming up with poor results.

To Avoid Putting Your Safety At Risk

Despite how minor the foundations wall cracks are, mishandling them may damage the rest of the structure. The experts have the right skills to prevent cases of mishandling during the repair.

The tools and equipment used to repair the cracks require special skills in handling. If you do not have the right skills, you may harm yourself while trying to figure out how to handle different tools and pieces of equipment.

To Avoid Spending More

Any mistakes in Wet basement repair Toronto will lead to extra charges to correct the mistakes.

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