How to Transport An Illustration In the Best Conditions?

If you are someone who creates precious artwork for others to behold and purchase, you need to transport it safely.

If you are a buyer, you want your artwork to arrive safely. It is important to take the steps found below when transporting your artwork, and you should ensure any seller you buy artwork from takes these steps.

How to Transport An Illustration

Use the Correct Sizing

It is so important to ensure you use the correct sizing when you are shipping artwork. Make sure you measure your piece, incorporating the height, the width and the length. Consider using a wooden crate for anything larger than 48 inches on all side that is not in a frame, and ship items that are any bigger than 18 inches by 24 inches the same way.

If you have a smaller piece, use a double-walled box to keep it safe from the weather, and make sure there is extra room for bubble wrap or packing materials.

Protect the Artwork

Before you begin to place your artwork in the box, you need to ensure that the piece itself is protected. Make sure that it is covered in glassine paper that is acid-free so that moisture or dirt does not enter your precious piece.

Put painter’s tape over the glass on the artwork or frame, and wrap that in plastic wrap so that it does not shatter. Make sure to put corner protesters on all four corners to avoid damage to your piece’s frame.

Placing It in the Box

Right before placing your artwork in the box, wrap your protected piece in bubble wrap on all sides. Make sure that the piece of art goes between styrofoam in the box to give extra protection. You can even tape them across the top in order to give extra reinforcement and to prevent shifting.

Fill the remainder of the box up with packing materials such as packing peanuts or bubble wrap. Make sure there is no space for the artwork to move around while it is being transported to the buyer.

Prepare the Box

Make sure you clearly mark on your packaged box that the item that you are shipping is fragile so that the shipment company knows to handle it with care.

Make sure all seams and all flaps are clearly taped shut with heavy-duty packing tape so that there is no damage and so the box does not become opened.

And make sure that the tape looks as professional as possible as well so that your buyer will be impressed and come back for more. You can even consider doing a double layer of tape if. you want to reinforce your artwork.

Final Thoughts

Packing artwork after a sale can be stressful, but it does not have to be! Contact the fine art shipping company Convelio to help you in getting your piece prepared for shipment. They will ensure it is taken care of every step of the way.

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