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To Succeed At Anything, Trust Nothing, Test Everything

Succeed At Anything, You clearly understand that your business needs to test everything and assume nothing to win over the hearts and minds of your customers. After all, your assumptions are based on your own preferences and what you have theoretically learned about other businesses similar to your own. However, there is a difference between an educated guess and knowing something, and the only way to close that gap is by testing.


To Succeed At Anything:

Why You Should Test

For Succeed, The thing is that you never know what works. Sometimes what looks like a good idea will waste lots of time and money, perhaps even resulting in a loss. Yet at other times, what looks like a dumb idea can become a runaway hit. Take the post-it note, for example. The inventor Spencer Silver was actually experimenting to find the strongest glue. Instead, he stumbled upon the weakest glue.

Nevertheless, he tested the market, and found that people loved the idea of weak glue to stick on pieces of paper as sticky notes.
Occasionally, too, you might be in the ballpark, but miss out on a few crucial elements. By reconfiguring a strategy or by tweaking a tactic, you might stumble upon the perfect way to do something. Of course, you’ll never know unless you test things out.

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Finally, you might have found the best way to do something, but testing will reveal an even better way to do it. Testing doesn’t necessarily mean sorting between good and bad ideas. It can also include testing between a good idea and an even better one. Using a comprehensive suite of test management tools, you can run functional tests in small-scale projects as well as large, multi-project and multi-user test management environments.

What You Should Test

Here are 3 things that you could test:

1. Test the difference between selling one product and many products. In some markets, consumers love variety. In other markets, they simply want to know what works best, and too many choices leaves them confused—and, as you know, a confused mind does not buy.

Succeed Test

2. Test different ways of getting people to give you their email addresses. You can test where you make your offer, how you word your offer, or what you offer. When it comes to building up your list of loyal subscribers, hitting the right combination of opt-in offers can make the difference between having a small list and going out of business and having a large list and enjoying a booming business.

3. Test your advertising strategy. Again, you have a choice of many things to test. For example, you can test where to place your ads, what types of ads to use when you’ve found the right place, and how to tweak your ads for the best response rates.
Naturally, this list is only a sample and there are all sorts of things that you can test.

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Overcome Test Reluctance

Succeed, Testing is not easy. It requires patience, discipline, and tweaking. There is much learning and unlearning. However, it all pays off in the end. The only way to maximize your profit is by finding out how to operate your business in the most effective way. Often, this is something you usually only learn through meticulous testing.

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  • Good thought although I have failed a lot because I used to think this is a good idea but it wasn’t. Wasted lakhs of money.

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