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How to Access iCloud Backup?

With the increased usage of Apple devices, backing up data in iCloud and the recovery of the data to your iOS devices becomes very crucial for the device owners.

This article will illustrate the mechanisms through which iCloud can be utilized for backing up your iOS device data and the several ways to access the iCloud backup when it is needed.

iCloud: Back up your iOS devices to iCloud

Turning on iCloud backup

All iOS devices have the enablement in the Settings to turn on the iCloud backup mechanism. Navigate to Settings-><Your Name>-> iCloud->iCloud Backup and toggle it on in order to start backing up your data whenever your device is plugged into a power source and is also connected to Wi-Fi.

Accessing the iCloud backup

Though every iOS device owner is assured of data being backed up, at times, the need to access this data on a PC or laptop arises.

In such cases, the ability to view data as per the requirement becomes imperative for the device owners. Here are some ways in which iCloud backup information can be viewed or accessed.

1] Logging into

This option is by far the easiest option to access iCloud information. Login into iCloud’s official site at using your iCloud ID and password.

This option presents you with the backed up information of contacts, emails, calendar and to a limited file type of photos and videos.

Access and view iCloud backup file

Several other information such as the iMessages, recorded videos and apps related content (Eg: WhatsApp, Viber) are not accessible through the iCloud site.

2] Restoring iOS devices and using iCloud backup

Though not an advisable approach, this mechanism of trying to restore iOS devices and in which using iCloud backup for restoring gives access to viewing the information that is present in iCloud backup is also possible. It has to acknowledge that this option may result in data loss in the process of factory resetting your device.

From Settings -> General-> Reset -> Erase All Content and Settings, the erase option for your specific device can be invoked.

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