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You have probably heard of game streamers who make a living doing what a normal human being does after making money and that is playing games. It sounds like a dream job but let me tell you one thing – it is only that when you reach the top and the way up there is a rocky road full of difficulties.

Play Free Games Online


It takes a lot of time to build your audience, the streamers market is oversaturated and you have to stand out and be able to promote yourself. Quite a tough nut to cruck, right?

But here comes a secret – you don’t have to become a streamer to earn something out of playing games. You can play games for rewards and win prizes in your free time. It sounds bogus, doesn’t it? However, it is honest true and you can start to do it right here right now.

All you need is some time, good Internet connection and the knowledge on which sites you can find browser games enabling you to earn precious points which you can exchange for prizes.

Earning points and exchanging them for rewards

The idea itself is just to play, earn points and exchange them for prizes. And what games to play? The answer is: browser games on intended portals. The game range can extend from strategic war or shooter games to managing farm or fashion games where you have to dress up a model for cocktail evening.

As you can see – everyone can find something interesting for themselves and quickly earn a lot of points by simply chilling at home.

To make it even quicker, aside from playing games, you can earn point by viewing videos, inviting your friends, creating content like articles or guides and sometimes even logging in (yes – on many portals clicking a login button can give you some points).

It’s easier then to buy the preselected prize but if you wish you just can exp and not care about any additional activities 😉

What prizes can you win?

The stake we talk about here is mainly centered around gaming but not only. On some portals you can even exchange your points for virtual currencies or get a prepaid card and choose what you will do with it later. To put it briefly, usually you can exchange your points for.

Play Free Games and Win Cash Prizes


  1. Gift cards for PlayStation, Xbox, Steam or for games.
  2. Physical rewards like phones, graphic cards or even PlayStation.
  3. Skins for CS:GO.
  4. Keys for games.
  5. Virtual Prepaid Cards.
  6. Virtual currency (like for example Bitcoin).

The number of points you need varies depending on reward type but you can find something even for 5 points, as well as for 250k.

You choose whether you want to save up and use it for something big or to buy more smaller gimmicks. But as you can see you can combine business and pleasure playing games right here right now. All you need to do is jump in.

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